Written by KinkyStrand

05 May 2016

I could see your inhibitions and doubts subside as hesitation made way for unequivocal lust the moment his breath caressed those little blonde hairs in your neck and his fingers ran up your left arm, as if on a pilgrimage. The moment I have been longing for has finally arrived, not to satisfy my perversions, but to release the raw bliss I so wished you could experience.

Aah yes, for some unfathomable reason, I feel like a caveman, beastly, animalistic as I watch another male move in on my playground. I suppress the urge to partake and rather embrace this cocktail of emotions that at this point are indistinguishable between lust, jealousy and ecstasy. I regain the upper hand as I watch you turn around to face your oppressor, not the man that stands before you, but your own reserve.

This stranger knows not of the life we have lived, the turmoil we have endured, the fun we have had, yet it feels like he has been a part of our story if only a voyeur spectating from another dimension only separated from us by time. As he pulls on the "strings" of your seduction, the puppet master slips down to your breasts as you tilt your head back and your long blonde hair falls to the middle of your arching back. He dives into your breasts, lost in an oasis and it is clear, even he has been overcome.

He throws you back onto the bed and grabs your right ankle as he slips off the the black laces holding your high heals and tilts the shoe like Cinderella's slipper to reveal your sexy feet, arching, pointing in the air. He suckles your toes and licks across your foot and slowly up your leg, as you tighten your grip on the duvet, shrieking as you writhe your body to and fro. He moves to your thigh, kissing, licking and then blowing on your naked skin as your body immediately reciprocates with goose bumps.

I watch in awe and cannot help but stoke my cock, as he slightly turns you on your side, bites and pulls on the strap of your G-string with his teeth and lets go to temporarily return the strap to its rightful place. He tugs you over onto your stomach and straddles you just below your voluptuous buns as he bites and kisses you in your neck, occasionally slapping your cheeks with increasing intensity and force. I immediately adjust my angle to get a better view as he places his hands behind your knees and pushes forward and inward to lift your ass in the air, stretching soft material off your G-string to clench even tighter to your undoubtedly wet pussy. He stares back at me, looks me straight in the eye as he slaps your ass one more time before turning you over and whispering something in your ear, inaudible to me.

I lose myself in that moment, wondering what he just said if anything at all and I need to relax and take control before I push myself over the edge. You kiss for what seems like ages as your lips lock in a spectacle as if to perform the Danse Macabre in celebration of the shedding of your earthly mode de vie.

To be continued... Check time in title