Written by J and D

18 May 2018

Hubby and I have been exploring more and more of late. We have been enacting some of our fantasies, now that we are more comfortable in the lifestyle. We have found that we either fit with a couple or we don’t and above all we don’t play if both aren’t comfortable.

So hubby and I met a couple at Lynnwoodbridge for drinks and this turned into dinner and then a night cap. They were fantastic she was a real head turner and he was no slouch either. We were already walking arm in arm while the guys walked behind chatting. We went down to the parking lot and there while the guys were paying for the parking she walked with me to the car.

There at the car she pushed me against the car and put her lips to mine and held my face ever so gently in her hands while kissing me. Farting her tongue into my mouth gosh my knees went weak and my pussy was wet instantly. The guys walked in and thank goodness they did because I would have done almost anything she had asked of me right there and then. Her husband said well please continue don’t let us stop you. Daniella looked at my hubby and he’s response was a please do. She put her hands behind my ears and started kissing me again. This woman had a magical tongue and lushest lips. We were interrupted by another vehicle that had started.

Her hubby said we could follow them to their place for a night cap!!!!

For that moment of kissing Daniella time froze,

To be continued