04 Jan 2019

So it started off like any other normal braai we always have... Have some drinks and eventually braai the meat but this time Natalie seemed different playing around like always joking but seemed so much different a month before Natalie and Dean asked us where we go party to have fun coz our local Pubs most are full of drunk men and for Dean being Dean always gets into trouble and gets kicked out so we talk about the swinging club and obviously got Natalie and Dean Thinking. So back at the braai so Natalie said they want to try this lifestyle but wants us to be their first. Laughing about it we have been friends with Natalie and Dean for a long time and so on Natalie says let's go see weather you can eat me you will be my first girl and me being my obvious Bi self never let's an opportunity slide thru my fingers I follow het to the bedroom and take hubby with me and Dean follows next. In the room Natalie takes off her clothes oh fuck what a beautiful body she has makes me want to throw her onto the bed and just eat as much as I can so I start kissing her and the boys are watching so I tell Natalie to drop to the bed and she does. Opening up those beautiful legs and I start eating that pussy she smells and tastes sweat and as I am eating her Hubby starts touching me every where bending down and starts to play with his tongue om my clitoris fuck it feels good. Dean decides to start kissing Natalie. Natalie is screaming for more and I am going all out I put my finger inside her as I am eating and sucking her. Hubby starts riding me like there is no tomorrow. Dean decides it's time to fuck Natalie. As the men are fucking us good Natalie and I kiss............ Fuck it feels so good. I let Natalie taste my pussy. Fuck for her first time she knows what she is doing and she is sucking, licking I just want more. Dean slams into me while Natalie is underneath me eating my pussy and hubby puts his very yummy delicious cock into my mouth. And obviously I do what I do Best I let go and cum all over Natalie. Hubby cums in my mouth and Dean throws his load all over my butt.

That was the best swinging experience we had still friend.. Will always be and they are still our vanilla not so Vanilla after all friends.