15 Jun 2018

We slipped into the jacuzzi. I moved across to the far side and the two men I was playing with tonight each took a seat facing me. The one was tanned and muscular, the other taller, more toned than heavily built. As they had stripped to get in the tub, I had a good look at both and I knew I would be well satisfied tonight. Sitting opposite the two of them, I leant my arms back on the edge of the jacuzzi, jutting my breasts above the water and my nipples already tantalizingly hard.

I reach for my drink and take out a block of ice. I pop it into my mouth, then take it between my fingers and slide it down the side of my neck. They're both mesmerized as I slide it down between my breasts and under the curve of the right one, starting to circle around, closer and closer to my already hard nipple. As it reaches my nipple, I gasp with the cold sensation of it. My other hand is kneading my left breast and I quickly swap the melting ice block to my left hand to rub it over that nipple too. My head is thrown back; my body is arched forward as the last of the ice block melts and is gone. I continue pinching my nipples between thumb and forefinger, alternating with flicking them hard.

I slow down, sitting up and then moving towards the side of the jacuzzi where they're sitting. I kneel between them and run a hand down each of their chests, dipping under the water and moving close to but not actually touching their hard cocks.

The movement of the water teases their cocks as I bring my hands back above water and turn to sit between each man. I reach up and pull both of them towards me, encouraging each one to kiss me in turn as their hands start to caress both sides of me at once. The feeling of four hands on me, brushing over my skin is delightful; a hand wrapped around my neck as I turn to kiss one, another hand cupping my breast from the other side pulling me to turn and kiss the other.

I turn my back to the toned man, sliding my butt up onto his lap and grinding against his cock as I turn towards the more muscular man to my right. I kiss the man in front of me passionately, my hands starting on each side of his neck before running down his chest again. This time I'm not flirting but filled with passion as I slip my hands under the water, one hand cupping his balls as the other strokes his impossibly hard shaft.

Behind me the other man's hands are wrapped around me, tugging gently on my nipples as he nips at my neck. I keep grinding against his lap, my ass rubbing against his cock. I move to rearrange us, sitting the man in front of me onto the edge of the tub so his cock is above water and positioning myself in front of the other man, my ass up in the air, my cunt ready for him. I slide my mouth down the length of the cock in front of me as the man behind me slides his cock into my waiting pussy. We start slow, my long slow strokes up and down the shaft in my mouth is matched by the long slow strokes in and out of my pussy. I start to moan as my excitement builds, our speed matching this rising excitement until I'm moaning loudly, my moans vibrating against the cock in my mouth as I move faster and faster. I can feel that I'm getting closer and closer to orgasm, and as I start to cum, I deep throat the cock in my mouth, my throat tight on it as my cunt clamps on the cock in my pussy.