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8 Jan 2016

The wife and the 2 old men on new years eve


3 minute read

Well it was new years eve and the wife is on the wine since 4 . We want to do something, so we went to a bar here in Pretoria. The wife had a short mini dress on that is white and black, no bra and a white lingerie g-string on. Well my wife is hot, she is 1.58m, 56kg and have 36c boobs. we were dancing and drinking and chatting to everyone when 2 old men ask my wife to come and have a drink with them. the one is called Frik and the other Dup, well that is what they said. so we joind the 2 for a shot or 4 and next thing i see is Frik put his hand up my wife's dress and feel her butt from behind. now Frik is about 60 and Dup 66 or so both men are on the older side of life. my wife did not make a move when he put his hand up her dress. she looked at me and winked my way and blow me a kiss. when she did that i know that she is horny and want some action. so she went and sit between the 2 men and i can see that the two men have their hands on my wife's legs . Frik tells me to sit and have a drink so i sat myself down on the side of the table so i can see what is going on, my wife had her hands on the legs of both men and she is not holding back on the feel of their cocks. Dup had his right hand on the inside of her dress top, feeling her boobs, and Frik was feeling the soft bit of my wife's pantie. my wife lent to Frik and kissed him softly and whisper in his ear something, he looked at me and said your wife wants us to meet at the back of your bakkie. we got up and went outside to my bakkie, we were still walking and this 2 old men is feeling everything they can of her, my wife open the back of the bakkie and sit on the tailgate. Frik pulled her mini up and pulled her pantie to one side, Dup had her boobs out and sucking on the nipples. Frik pulled his pants down and put his cock in my wife. he start to pump hard and making grunting sounds. my wife is kissing Dup and tells Dup to put his cock in her mouth . he is not too big but good for a good fun fuck, asks if he can cum in her, i say yes full her up . Next he gives a big Haaaa and cums deep in my wife, Dup went down to her pussy and in was his cock. he did not last long and he was fucking away and next he cums in her. both men said thank you and give my wife R400 . Don't know why but it paid for the drinks for the rest of the night . my wife went back and as she come past me put her fingers in my mouth and i can taste the cum of the men she was having fun with, the cum in her pussy . well that was the new year for us . have fun all

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