Written by garfield_kzn

08 Jan 2015

so here I am in kzn . I invite folk on holiday to pop in for a drink or 2 . a Gauteng Cpl contact me ....will see me in the evening . sure as true ..6pm they at my gate . very friendly greetings . him tall ..like me ..she medium built in a easy summer wrap-around dress . we sit outside next to pool and have a few relaxing drinks . now my pool is private so skinnydip is easy here .

she stands with feet in pool on the 1st step ..nice she giggles . go on..he said ..I dare u . well she did . easy does it and the wrap is off . wow ..stunning boobs and a cut trimmed pussy . she jumps in . my pool is a bit deep and she can barely stand . I follow in to rescue her . thanks she splutters and hold on to me . I had boxer shorts on . she grind her hips against me ...oh dear ..my pants stir . he also gets in . going behind her he raises her nipples out of the water . she asks if I like wat I see....sparkle in eyes ..she is a cock teaazerr . her hand pulls my shorts down and gets hold of my throbbing cock . she starts to moan ..as he fingers her pussy from behind . she pushes forward and gets my cock to slip in . he then fingers her pink assyhole ..slow . I realised they done this before . grinding her pussy against me her clit rubbing hard ..she moans louder . I bump and push harder ..I also want some fun . she start to buck and arch her back . ohhh ..she pants ..my hell..she cummms bigg time ... I let go of my load and shoot deep in her soppy wet cunt .

he takes her to the steps and turn her around . he enters her doggy style and starts banging hard . she lets me sit in front of her ...sucking my cock . jeepers ..my pool wasn't ever sooo hot . she came again twice with him banging her .

we all collapse in a heap . I go get more drinks and we go in the airconned room to relax . that just started her motor again . dam she was hot ..she rode my cock with his cock in her mouth . then he slipped an oily finger in assy...and then his cock ..slowwlyyy . we dp her for a long time ...as it was intense ....all 3 came bigggtime .

we parted early morning with big kisses .

waiting for their next visit .....

who is on holiday in kzn.. ????????? .cumm pop in...pool waiting for u....