Written by Voyer1105

28 Oct 2012

Reading a story of a pool reminds me of a weakend getaway with my wife's company

We went to a resort and the first night a braai was arranged next to a big pool and my wife in a tight one piece suit, legs cut hgh, which acentauted her very prominant pubic bone and long sexy legs

I could see her colleagues eyeing her and got that feeling and watched without seeming obvious

At this stage the sun was down and lights were on leaving the pool in semi darkness

After swimming a bit she was at the side hanging on her arms and a man, who she had told me was coming on to her, came upbehind her. Maybe a minute later she turned around and hanging on with one arm her other hand dissappeared and maybe 2 minutes later he left and she got out and headed for our bungalow

I followed and inside se had that just got fucked look on her face

Out of her suite I sucked her stretched cum filled cunt as she told me

He had come up behind her and prodded her with his erection and she turned around and with oe hand freed his cock and slipped it into her pussy past her suite leg openng, he did not last long wich she loves, getting men so horny they cant control them selves, and she had a huge orgasm on my mouth and received my load shortly after