Written by PixieAngel

18 Jun 2015

I have been waiting for this night for so long.

I will hopefully get the result I want. A night of safe fucking with multiple orgasms to boot… I hope.

I have my ‘Fuck Me’ outfit laid out on the bed

1. V Neck Black Tight Fitted Top

2. Short Black Tartan School Girl Skirt

3. Over Knee Black Suede High Heeled Boots

I have a shower but…. yep get distracted. I am so aroused right now. I cannot keep my fingers out of my pussy. I rub my clit and stick 2 fingers inside my pussy. I make sure I stop every time I am close to climaxing building and building my arousal. I repeat this over and over. My legs start to become shaky from the ecstasy of my own touch. I squeeze my boobs and tweak my nipples. I put my hands inside my pussy again. I open my leg wider and lean back against the wall and rub my swollen clit faster and faster. Once again I stop myself before I orgasm - but only just. I feel one contraction of my pussy. Mmmm that was close I nearly came that time.

I get dressed. I am not wearing any underwear as none will be required tonight. I want my intentions clearly known by the people in the room. I want them to have easy access to my breasts and pussy.

I pack my favourite little vibrator which I fondly named ‘Freddy’. He may come in handy if anyone wants a display of me playing with a vibrator.

I start my journey to the house of pleasure (well that’s what I’ve named it). A couple are waiting for me to arrive and then they are going to another place to play. I have met this couple before with my then Fuckbuddy and we had a great time together watching each other being fucked. That night I came 3 times.

I am greeted with hugs and kisses. I can’t help myself and grope the guys cock and squeeze the girl’s ample arse. They are all looking forward to a fun night. They go over the rules once more. He promises to look after me tonight as well as his wife. He will make that clear when they get to the house that no one is allowed to touch me without his say so and my full agreement (of course).

I drive to the house and the couple are sitting in the back seat of my car getting hot and heavy with each other. I grin at them in the rear view mirror. He leans forward and puts his hand inside my top and squeezes my boob, mmmm it feels so good. I grab his hand, part my legs and put his hand between my thighs. He gets the message and starts to play with my clit. I widen my legs further. I bend my knee and place my leg onto the centre console I want to feel his fingers inside of me. I again grab his hand and tell him to put 2 fingers inside my pussy and fuck me with them.

I look in the review mirror and his wife is masturbating. She has laid back, legs apart and her fingers are pleasuring her clit. I can hear how wet her pussy is. For the first time ever I really want to touch her myself. That proves to me how turned on I am. I have never had any desire to touch a woman myself until tonight.

He whispers in my ear “fuck your pussy is so wet I want to taste you”. I giggle, I am so tempted to pull the car over and let him do exactly that to have him bury his head between my thighs and lick my clit. But no, I must hold onto my orgasm. I reply with “you have no idea how much I would like that but I need to hold onto my orgasms”. He replies “but I know you can have more than one, your screams as you cum I remember that sounds like, I need to hear you cumming again”. I said “oh you will because my plan is to le you eat my pussy first before I allow anyone else near me to give them an idea of what they may be in for when it come to pleasuring me”. He groans in pleasure at my words. I remove his hand, lick his fingers and tell him too “lick his wife’s clit I want to see that”.

He does as I ask. I can hear his wife’s sighs of pleasure as his tongue licks her clit and as his fingers explore the inside of her pussy. He makes her cum within a few minutes. We look at each other in the rear view mirror smiling. She says to me “you’re in for a real treat when he eats your pussy. He will try to make you cum more than once, because when it comes to you, he knows you can have multiple orgasms”. We’ve spoken about this a lot the last couple of days and I can’t wait to watch him licking your pussy”.

We are not far from the house now. I ask him if he would like to join me in the front passenger seat as I wish to stroke his cock until we arrive. He happily agrees and makes his way to the front seat, takes down his pants and his hard cock springs free. Without hesitation I run a finger down his hardened shaft. I gently wrap my fingers around his cock and slowly start to stroke him from cock head to base. On occasion I will rub my finger over his cock head and use the drop of precum to moisten his cock, to make it slick. God, I want to wrap my lips around his cock and service him the way I know you guys like.

He grabs my hand and says “you better stop otherwise you are going to make me cum right here in the car”. I smile at him and stop. I tell him he is not allowed to pack his cock away - he must sit there with his cock on show.

We arrive at the house. We approach the front door with him standing between his ladies. The door is opened by the most alluring looking lady - I presume the hostess. She is gorgeous. She is wearing a black corset, thigh high stockings, black heels and nothing else, very sensual. They are introduced to the other 2 couples.

She tells them the rules of the night which are pretty much doing what pleases you - but of course only with permission of the other party/s.

His wife whispers something to him and she walks over to the lady of the other couple. They disappear into one of the bedrooms with the ladies’ husband following them.

I am left standing with her husband. He turns to me and says “well, shall we find a bedroom and make ourselves comfortable…. because seriously I cannot wait any longer to lick your pussy, to taste you and to stick my cock so deep inside of you I want to make you scream in pleasure”. I raise an eyebrow at him and tell him “lead the way - you’re not going to get an argument out of me”.

We find a room. He walks over to me and kisses me. Removes my top and skirt but insists I leave my boots on. I make myself comfortable on the bed. He undresses and joins me. Firstly he starts to kiss me. His lips run down my neck. He gets atop of me and starts to kiss my breasts, licking my nipples, nibbling on them. I wrap my legs around his waist and push his cock up against my pussy. I ensure his cock is nestled nicely between my pussy lips. I slowly start to rub my clit on his hard shaft as he is kissing my boobs. He moans and looks at me saying “that feels so good you rubbing yourself against my cock like that. I can feel how wet your pussy is. You’re going to make my cock nice and wet”.

I hear the bedroom door open. A guy enters. He sits in the chair in the room and asks “do you mind if I watch?” We both nod yes. He starts to run his tongue down my front over my stomach and slowly pushes his tongue between my pussy lips and runs his tongue from clit to my juicy pussy opening. He pushes his tongue into my opening. Christ, that feels so fucking good. I tell him to do that again again and again. I moan in pleasure of feeling his tongue penetrating me but I want his cock inside of me and I want it now. I look at him and tell him “stick your cock inside of me now; I want you inside all of you”. He says “oh hell no young lady. You have to wait. I am in charge when my head is buried between your legs, when my tongue is in your pussy…. you don’t make these rules I do”. I giggle and lay back and just enjoy the feeling of his tongue licking my pussy.

He starts to lick my clit. On his first lick I scream out at the pleasure of feeling his tongue circling my clit and as his tongue continually flicks over my clit. His fingers are holding my pussy lips wide open so my clit is well exposed to his tongue. He closes his lips over my clit and sucks hard. I almost cum at that very moment but I hold back. I don’t want to cum yet. It’s too quick but his masterful tongue is going to make me succumb to the pleasure. I reach down and grab his head to hold on as he continues to eat me. I start to rock my hips with each lick. I push him in harder as I rub my clit on his tongue. He reaches underneath me and grabs my arse and holds onto me as he buries his face deeper into my pussy. I can feel that I am about to cum. He can sense it by my breathing - my hip movements in unison with his licks. I tell him not to stop as he is going to make me cum. “Oh Fuck I am going to cum if you keep licking me like that”. I beg him not to stop. I announce I am about to cum. He starts to lick my clit ferociously with no signs of slowing until he makes me cum. He doesn’t have to wait long. I suck in a breath and then I scream out as I cum uncontrollably, rubbing my pussy against his tongue, needing to feel his tongue against my clit. I tell him not to stop as it feels too good.

He starts to slow down and licks my clit slower and slower. I can’t help it. I can feel another orgasm building with the divine touch of his tongue in my pussy -it is going to set me off again. I tell him to keep licking me like that “your going to make me cum again… fuck don’t stop yet. The guy who entered the room is gleefully watching every move he is making, every lick of his tongue as he masturbates. I start to move my hips again - he now knows what this means. I move faster and faster as he licks me harder and harder. I grab his arm as I cum for the second time louder and harder than the first cumming.

I catch my breath he comes back up to me and kisses me. He says to me “fuck that is the best noise a guy can ever hear - a lady cumming like that and letting everyone know how much she was pleasured”. I say “how can I not let the whole house know when you fucking lick my pussy like that, do it again and again and again. I would lie here for hours with a guy licking my pussy”.

Now it’s his turn. I turn us over until I am on top of him. He smiles at me. I don’t even kiss him. I duck down and put his cock into my mouth and slowly slide my lips down his erect cock. He throws his head back and moans in the pleasure of my mouth on his cock. I repeat this manoeuvre a couple of times - then I switch moves. I place my tongue on his cock head and run my tongue around and around tasting his pre-cum and then I quickly swallow him whole right down my throat. I repeat this a few more times. I grab his cock with my hand and pump him nice and slowly. I gently massage his balls; give them a little squeeze in unison with my hand job. I bend down and lick along the underside of his cock. He moans in pleasure. I look him in the eye and then swallow him deep into my throat and service him that way. He almost loses control then and there. I hear him say my name. He grabs my head and starts to gently move his cock in and out of my mouth. He pulls out “I don’t want to cum yet, I want to cum in your pussy. You’re too good at giving head. I’ve never had anyone this experienced before. You certainly know your way around a cock – don’t tell my wife that”.

The guy in the chair announces he is about to cum. I look over at him and watch him until he cums all over his hand. I tell him to not go anywhere as he is about to see me being fucked.

I look at him and tell him ‘it’s your choice of the position you wish to fuck me”. He says “oh no ladies choice”. Mmmm… well I know what I want – to be fucked nice and hard doggy style. To make it visually pleasing for our visitor in the chair, I position myself side ways so he can watch him penetrate me with his cock. I insist he penetrates my pussy nice and hard to the hilt - none of this easing it in…. just fuck me hard.

I let out a gasp of pleasure as he does exactly that. I hear his hips hit my arse as he enters me so deeply that no more of him could possibly fit inside my pussy. He fucks me hard and fast the way I like it. I moan in pleasure at each thrust of his hips. He reaches around me and starts to rub my clit. Fuck that feels good. He then grabs my by the hips and thrusts me back into him at each forward thrust. He wants to get his cock in deeper. He is now kneeling on one knee and standing on one foot. He is fucking me nice and deep now and I can feel myself building up to another orgasm. I start to push back into him, fucking his cock and he fucks me. He can tell I am about to cum. My whole body starts to quiver. My breathing quickens as I concentrate on my orgasm. I let out a cry as each wave of my cumming hit’s me wave after wave after wave.

I collapse down onto my elbows and “tell him to fuck me harder and faster. I want to feel him all of him”. He does as I say and fucks me ferociously and hard. I can hear him moaning in pleasure as he is about to cum. I hear him gasp as his hot fluid spurts out of his cock inside of me. His thrusts slow down but he is still inside of me nice and deep. He continues to drive his cock inside of me until he starts to soften and then he stops. I turn around and look up at him and then lick his cock clean. Licking off his cum and my pussy juices.

I lie back as he gently strokes my pussy to feel how wet and slick I am. It feels so good to have him touch me now after fucking me. He kisses me and says “that was amazing. I haven’t fucked a woman like that in years”. I say to him “the night isn’t over yet”.