Written by MOSSCUP

12 Jun 2013


This was going to be a night like no other.

Ronda and I were getting ready to go out for the evening. This was an evening that I had secretly been planning for years. She has mentioned her fantasy of 5 at once to me and I kept it in mind and knew somewhere, somehow I would make it come true.

We are nudists but that means it has very stricket rules no ogling no touching and definitely no sexual activities, which we abide by.

Well let’s get back to the night in question.

I told her we will be going to a friends house for dinner and it would be a nudist evening. With this in mind she did not bother putting on to much seeing it would come of sooner than later, the little that she had on was more than enough to get any male’s blood racing. She wore a black lace G-string with matching garter and stockings and black pencil high heel shoes. She trough over a tight fitting skirt to finish it of.

We got to the friends house and as arranged he met us at the door butt naked. I introduced them and we entered to the living room. There we were met by two more of the male guests, also but naked that made it three so we just needed one more and he arrived fashionably late as usual.

The evening got of to a start and we were the only ones with clothes on. She asked our host where the other females were and he told her that they had cancelled at the last moment and that she would be the only one there. Looking at our options “stay or go home” she decided that we would stay but that she would not be getting out of her close (not yet anyway). I got out of mine so that I did not feel left out between the other guys. The drinks started flowing and her glass never ran dry as there was always someone to fill it up for her.

About an hour in to the evening she decided to get rid of the dress. She went to the room with out anyone seeing and came back with only the thigh high stockings and high heels. Everyone in the room praised here for her effort and complemented her on her good looking body which she accepted graciously. All the guys treated her with the greatest respect and never made a play for her at this time.

As the evening lingered on and the drinks kept coming everyone felt more at ease with one another and the conversation ranged from sport and clothes to sport and sex. The latter getting the hormones racing on all of us. Ronda then asked Barry (the host) if she could start preparing a salad for the braai. He told her to make her self at home and she would find everything in the kitchen and if she didn’t she could just ask and he will help.

She left and five minutes later he left to go see if she was coping in the kitchen. She was doing fine and heard him coming and bent down to get something it was more to give him a good view of her round buttocks and honey lips as he entered in to the kitchen. He was not prepared for this and almost lost his balance. He decided that he would not even ask if she was coping he would just get a glass in the cupboard right above her. As he stretched to get the glass he “accidently” brushed his dick on her butt, and apologized for the inconvenience. She got up with a smile and brushed against him one more time with a smile and said no inconvenience. The next minute she felt him go stiff against her body; this made her whole body tingle with excitement. She took her arm and brushed it one more time to get it to its full stiffness. He took his hands and caressed her full rounded 36 DD breasts with the nipples standing on end, excitement pumping through her veins. He put his lips to her nipple and sucked to make it even harder and more erect; her head dropped back in anticipation of more a light moan escaping her lips. She took his dick in her fist and gently pumped it up and down with a steady rhythm. He moved over to the next nipple to give it the same treatment of pleasure. At this stage her pussy started to tingle and she new she was close to an orgasm she wanted to stop him but she couldn’t. She gave over to the feeling of helplessness and let the orgasm take over; her body shook as she exploded with satisfaction and he was not far behind and came in her hand. He got his glass and she went back to the salad making as if it never happened.

By the time she got back to the rest the meat was on the braai and everyone was chatting about. I asked her if she had enjoyed her experience, she just answered with a smile and asked if I was not up set I let her know we will see where the rest of the night leads as she has just set the bar for more fun and games. She giggled and squeezed my hand as a token of her love to me.

The Jacuzzi was warm and inviting and out of sight so Ronda decided to relax in its warm water while she weighted for the edibles to get ready. At this time she had gotten ride of the rest of her clothes and just lay there letting the water jets play over her swollen clit. Two of the guys Rodney and Jonathan decided to go keep her company. They slipped in to the water on either side of her so they could talk and not shout to one another. Rodney started a conversation of a sexual nature and things escalated from there. Her nipples gave her away as they jumped up from her breasts. The two guys simultaneously put hands on her breasts and started massaging them so that she could not control the sounds coming from her lips. They whispered in her ear what they would love to do and that got her wetter than the Jacuzzi it self. Rodney moved in between her parted legs and started massaging her thighs higher and higher every now and a gain touching her clitoris with his thumb and making her jolt with the feeling. Jonathan had her lying between his legs and was massaging both her breast at this time. She did not care if anybody came around the corner and saw them she was in total enjoyment. Rodney then first stuck his thumb in her wet honey pot feeling the warmth of womanhood take over his thumb. After a while he changes his thumb for middle finger to get better reach and supply more pleasure, seeing this work het added his other middle finger and gave her double pleasure she did not hold back she came with a shout and kept on coming for a few minutes long. The two guys felt they did what they wanted and departed leaving her there to recover some what before dinner.

We all sat down for dinner and took a healthy helping of the food to help us recover from the alcohol that had been consumed up to that stage.

As we sat and ate Paul sat directly opposite us decided it is his chance to get a peace of the pie, while we were eating he slipped under the table unnoticed. Ronda was busy drinking her wine when see felt someone kissing her legs, this must have been the ultimate thrill with all these people at the table and nobody knowing what is happening under the table. She adjusted her setting to move her lower body closer to the point of enjoyment. He then moved between her legs and reached her now dripping honey pot and started darting his tongue in and out as he felt her reaching climax he went harder faster she came as never before and in silence this was a miracle on its own for her.

After dinner we all did the dishes and moved to the living room. I realized Ronda was not with us but thought she was in the bathroom and did not pay it any mind.

The next moment she came in the room strawberries in the one hand whipped cream in the other, she lay her self down on the coffee table in full view of all, sprayed the cream over her and placed three berries in the right places. She added the words “dessert boys”. We all sat there silent and in half shock of what we where witnessing.

All the guys looked at me and I nodded my head as to give the go ahead. Rodney jumped up first. As he jumped up she said the rule was cream first then berries. It didn’t seem to stop him, he started on the closest 36 DD lick and eating the cream working his way to the ample peak of Boobville not to lose out Paul took care of the other one just as eager. That left Jonathan and Barry; they decided to share the honey pot. Rodney was the first to reach the fruit of passion and gulped it down with one bite as did Paul; down under Barry claimed the fruit and left Jonathan in his wake. Rodney and Paul; did not stop there they started sucking the hardened nipples. The honey lips were being treated as well. This was a feeling she had never felt before four gays treating her al at the same time, she had no resistance her body just gave it self to them. The sounds of pleasure escaped her lips with regular intervals. Jonathan slipped his finger in to her honey pot and Barry caressed the clitoris this unexpected entry let her squeal with pleasure as she exploded over his finger drowning it in love juices. She removed one of the breast sucking guys from his job by taking his dick in her hand pulling it up and down, seeing the pre-cum she pulled him closer and put his stiffness in her mouth sucking it and every no and again going deep throat on him. Barry turned her on her hands and knees and called me to lay under her. I was as hard as a rock by what I have been watching. This made it easier for her to let me enter in her. She let herself down gently to take it with passion and love. She did not let the dick out her mouth for one minute, she got hold of tow dicks one in each hand. So now she had one in the mouth on in the pussy and one in each hand this left her one more hole to be filed. Our host left the room and came back with his dick covered in k-y jelly and some in his hand. He placed some on the ring of her rear and massaged it in the hole with his thumb until he was satisfied that she would take him with ease. He entered slowly at first to let her get use to the size but she was so hot at this point it did not matter. With all of us in hand and in hole she was at the point of the biggest climax of her life. I felt I was going to come and started moving harder and faster so did the others it was as if it was planed we all came at once al this love juice was to much for her to handle and she came for minutes on end. She collapsed of exhaustion and satisfaction.

The next morning she thanked me for a wonderful experience and it never happened again.

Look out for her next fantasy