21 Feb 2019

This is a story that really happened at the nude beach in Umhlanga over two days.

I had time each morning to be at the nature reserve north of umhlanga where the unofficial nude beach is located

It was a perfect day to be at the beach- i haven't seen the sun much this summer so I was happy about the overcast condition.

The wind was pleasant when I arrived and I immediately wanted to get rid of my few clothes and enjoy every moment in the nude.

I noticed there were very few other nudist at the beach but others were arriving with me.

I took a little stroll around and finally found a nice spot to lay down my stuff and enjoy the beach.

Not long after I got comfy I noticed a couple that must have been emerged from a secluded spot near by the lagoon water - they were in their 40's, both a bit chubby (which I like), making their way into the lagoon where they looked relaxed and happy to cool off in the water.

I also noticed that the woman was very much heated up and also had hard nipples, rubbing her tits every now and than. Anyway, I went back to lay out in the sun and relax, leaving the couple to enjoy the dip. So, 10 min later i heard some water being splashed in the lagoon and the couple (lets call them Mr And Mrs Beach) made their way out of the water.

It was hard to oversee that Mr Beach was quite aroused and proud to rock a semi hard, sizable cock back to their spot.

Now I also realized that Mr/Mrs Beach were at the bottom end of the dune I was laying on under a little umbrella, bit hidden from where I was laying. I saw them toweling off and laying down while I planned on going to the ocean site to cool off as well. It was a bummer that the waves were to strong to have a proper swim so I had a short dip in the ocean only and returned to my spot. I figured that my next cool off will be in the lagoon water as well. Meanwhile, I noticed that Mr Beach was walking the dune and the surrounding to make a phone call and looking for a good spot for proper reception which allowed me to observe his body a bit. I prefer chubby men and it was nice to secretly look at him through my sun glasses.

He was busy on the phone but probably noticed that i was checking him out.

The weather changed and the sun showed up more so it was time to cool off again - this time i made my way down the dune to reach the edge of the lagoon water, which was nice and fresh on my feet. Whilst walking into the deeper end of the water I saw Mr/Mrs Beach at their "hiding spot". Now I should realize why they chose this secluded spot. Mr Beach was layed out and stroking his dick and balls - which he continued even when I turned towards them and started watching.

Mrs Beach was laying on her back exposing her big tits, needless to say that I was surprised and excited about what I am about to witness. Mr Beach had a full on hardon of impressive size which he maintained with avid strokes. His other hand went over Mrs Beach body down to her pussy while I was position myself in the water to " get a good look at the scene".

Mr Beach was clearly into having somebody watching them as he got more demanding with his hand pushing Mrs Beach legs apart to present the pussy for me. At that point I was also rock hard under water and I thought I will give them a good look - so I stood up from the shallow water and showed what their display is causing!

Mr Beach was obviously impressed as he got even more horny and now stroking his hardon whilst fingering Mrs Beach forcefully, which made her arch her body over and over.

This play went on for 2-3 min before Mr Beach got up to lay between her legs , now eating her pussy and clit for a while.

With me being about 15 meter away I could even hear her moaning a bit with his tongue pleasuring her.

I could have already shot my load at that point but I kept my cool as watching this scene was so amazing.

Anyway, not surprisingly, Mr Beach was ready for a fuck, he did not waste time to spread Mrs Beach legs more and lift them over his legs so she is ready to get it. His ass was sweaty and I could see his balls swollen between his legs, he needed to get it now and at once. Unfortunately, the fuck was not for long as Mrs Beach must have been uncomfy in the sand which meant the Mr/Mrs Beach got up and walked toward me to join having a dip in the shallow part of the lagoon ca. 5 meter away from me. She had a naughty smile on her face, he was so horny that he needed the cool off desperately.

Much to my surprise Mr Beach wasn't ready to cool off, rather was he spreading himself on his back in the shallow water exposing his hard on , which Mrs Beach excitingly massaged with strong grip. I was totally hot now and stood up again to present my best piece of meat and jerk it a bit for them. I didn't wanna get closer unless they would tell me to, so I kept watching that lucky big man getting an awesome hand job under the sun!

Another 5 min and I could hear Mr Beach moaning and his face could tell that Mrs Beach treatment was getting him close to cum. I could not hold onto myself as well, stood up and jerked myself to completion! It was such an intense orgasm that I shivered allover. I collapsed and rolled back into the water only to witness Mr Beach cumming with a big moan and a spray of cum onto Mrs Beach big tits!

After that everything else happened like in a time lapse procedure, before I knew it they were packed and ready to leave the beach!

I wasn't sure what to make of all this ..... maybe I wished for more but I should see them again the next day but this will be told in the 2nd chapter.

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