Written by the mr.

29 Dec 2011

With much trepidation......I asked my wife if we could go to a swinger party.....saying that we would soft swing and see if we like it. You can imagine the angst that I was going through getting up the courage to broch this subject. I had to first assure that I loved her and this was not in question.... I also informed her that the safest place to meet like minded couples was at a swinger club (Wouldn't you agree?.....)

What I did not expect. were the questions that my sweet innocent doll asked:

Can someone teach us how tp give proper blows?

What about aids.....must we use condoms?

I we take blood tests can we not use condoms?

She was obviously one step ahead of me... I could tell that she was aroused by the sex we had that night. She was wet and open for business ....her vagina swallowing me and devouring me. I was as is I had at last released her from the bondage of marriage. Hongre. Women are possibly more inclined to swinging than men. Think about it.....we gys can last 15-20 min max....the our cartridge is spent.....while the ladies can take our 20 minutes and raise us anoth 40! and orgasm 3 times....why would they want one man? Come to think about it.....one man will have real diffult pleasing 3 women....but a women can easily take care of 3 men.

Anyway I still want to soft swing....and take things one step at a time. I know I will have to keep her on a leash at first lest she overdoes it.

We are due for our first swinger part at Club Rome this friday. Will keep you posted. The Mrs is on fire and buzzing....and I am filled with trepidations.....ironic