Written by Anonymous

19 Mar 2019

Somewhere in the middle of 2018 I started chatting to this couple who lived close to Umhlanga. Initially I had just 'liked' a photo of theirs from the gallery, which led to them taking a look at my profile. Next thing I know, I'm chatting away with them, sharing fantasies, pics and suggestions. And seeing as they were a fair distance from my sanctuary in Joburg, I may have been a little more outgoing and suggestive than I usually tend to. Well, it seemed to catch their attention. Hubby was a good decade older than me, and the wife was at least 3 years older. But they were not only sexy as hell, but kinky to new lengths!

After a couple weeks of really dirty chatting, they made a suggestion that caught me a little off guard. They mentioned they were having a little get together with another couple the next weekend, and would there be any chance I could come and join them. I felt an electric shock run through me at the thought of it.

So I decided...I'm going to have a sex adventure!

I booked a ticket, and told them I was all in!

The next few days the anticipation was so intense.

All I could think of was meeting them.

So the weekend arrived, I jumped on the plane and headed to Umhlanga. Checked myself into the hotel and let them know I had arrived.

Within minutes I receive a pin drop, and a time. The instruction is to arrive not wearing underwear. I oblige.

I arrive at their swanky home, get buzzed in and park. My heart is racing...that mix of excitement, terror, nerves and raw horny'ness is just overwhelming.

I am greeted at the door by hubby, he leads me in to the lounge where his gorgeous wife is sitting chatting to this other couple. She stands to greet me, wearing this see through black gown and nothing else. I am instantly hard. She gives me a deep kiss hello, and introduces me as her fuck-toy. The other woman greets me, who also happens to be wearing something so incredibly sexy, she smiles and winks. I am starting to think I am so far out of my depth...

I sit down on the couch, some small talk is exchanged. A few minutes pass and the wife stands, takes the hand of the other woman and tells us men that they are going to get better acquainted. They had a makeshift bed in the centre of their living room area...she leads her there and they begin to kiss. What happened next nearly drove me insane...time passed in that wierd super slow yet super fast manner that you can never quite understand. The host lady stripped the other lady, lay her down and proceeded to enjoy every inch of her body. The moaning, screams and gasps were enough to kill me. How and what the two husbands discussed during this time still baffles me. I watched like a man possessed. All I wanted to do was scream "geronimo!" and jump inbetween them. After a while, the hostess turns and beckons me to come to them...she was having her pussy eaten...she rips my very erect cock from my wet pants and pulls me into her mouth. She points to her hubby and calls him to come and enjoy the other woman. He obliges, gets down on his knees and buries his mouth into this other ladies pussy. Details are vague to me at this point...but the next thing I know is my cock is still in the hostess mouth, and the other husband is now tongue deep inside her as well.

I manage to suggest to him we switch, he comes to her mouth, I run my hands up her thighs and over her pussy lips. I swear I can feel an electric shock as I do. She bucks wildly.

I run my fingers in and out of her. She stares deep into my eyes as I do. Then, before I know whats happening, the other woman who is now being slowly fucked by the host husband reaches over, grabs my cock and guides it to her mouth. At this point my brain manages to work out that we are all now a human Centipede of sex!

The hours pass. The women take turns riding us, we take turns fucking them, there was even a DP, lots of cum, moans, that amazing butt slapping noise that comes from doggystyle...it just went on forever.

Eventually we all come to a stop. Pussy and cocks red with overuse.

We share a laugh. And by 3am I am in my rental car and headed back to the hotel. My mind races as I recount everything that had just happened.

I wake up around 8am...notice theres a message on my phone. Its the couple..."what time are you leaving?"

I reply that I am checking out and leaving at 10am. "On our way, whats your room number?"

I am instantly hard again.

Quick shower...and I wait.

They arrive, come into the room and she gets straight to it. She bends over the desk chair and lifts her skirt to reveal a panty free ass. She reaches back and spreads her lips. Hubby laughs as I rip my pants down and ram myself into her. We fuck wildly. Hubby records it. We move to the bed where she rides me so hard I am scared I will have to claim disability! She cums...very loudly.

I flip her over, and with everything I have left I give it to her as hard as I can. I cum...I think it was loud. I cant remember!

We say our goodbyes, and before I know it I am sitting on the plane home with a huge smile on my face and a very sore willy!! And I never even saw the sea!!

The lengths we go to for a good fuck session.

Well worth it.