Written by UninhibitedGuy

26 Dec 2015

Wife and I now frequently talked about having fun with other singles and couples, almost making a proverbial "who would you do" list in our minds. We named couples and singles and gave our nay and yea and reasons to believe, which turned out to be a very interesting and sometimes surprising experience.

One of her yeas, albeit expected, was an ex that she briefly dated, but never ended up sleeping with, whilst mine was as obvious as it probably could get. I wanted her best friend "M" off course. That is when she came up with the idea:

I could get with her best friends if she was willing if she could get with her ex, whom would most likely be willing. the deal was on, irrespective of whether or not the one or the other succeeds and we set the plan in motion.

The opportunity for me to get with her bff arose first one evening when the three of us had a couple of glasses of red at our place. The discussion evolved from general chit-chat to what have you done, what would you do and who would you do it to. Some heavy flirting on my part ensued after which I boldly stated in an increasingly drunken state that I heard "M" was a good kisser and would love to taste her lips on mine.

Wifey immediately added and said we should go for it with at first a bewildered look from "M" that soon changed into a willing grin. I moved in closer, slid my hand through her hair and behind her neck and pooled her lips closer to mine. We locked lips and engaged in a passionate kiss. It felt like we have both been yearning for this kiss for some time as the pure lust engulfed us both as the kiss intensified into pure ecstasy.

It was not long before we found ourselves on the bed in our room with my wife joining us. As I continued to kiss and feel "M," my wife moved to position herself between "M's" legs, pulling down her jeans and lace G-string. In that moment it dawned on me that these two where no strangers to each others touch. My wife started eating out her bf whilst I fondled her breasts and kissed her body while she unzipped my jeans to expose my cock. Without hesitation she took me in her mouth and vigorously sucked on me while arching her back as my wife berried her face between her thighs.

We were all steamy and horny, when "M" suddenly let go of my cock and said she needed some air, getting up and walking to the itched, leaving us my wife and I in the room alone. this gave us a brief moment to talk and I asked her if she is sure about this to which she replied, if I can fuck "B" you can fuck "M."

I got up and pushed the advantage, following "M" to the kitchen with my wife in tow. "M" stood at the kitchen counter with her back facing me as she poured herself another glass of red and I just admired her perfect ass for but a moment before I approached her from behind, took the glass from her hand and placed it beside her, bent her over and slipped my cock into her soaking and I mean wet as in wet, pussy. My wife dropped to her knees in front of "M" and positioned her head between "M's" legs again, now having access to her clit and myself as I continued fucking her. "M" surrendered to the moment and enjoyed the two of us in and on her, before the evening settled down to a couple of giggles and some more wine.

It was a fine evening, but in my mind the remainder of the deal moved from the back of my mind to the forefront, no longer overshadowed by my part of the deal and the desire to fuck "M." My mind started wondering and I found myself imagining my wife fucking "B." It is worthwhile to mention that I did not see eye to eye with B that much.I knew him quite well as we had many of the same friends and acquaintances and initially he pissed me off knowing that he still liked my wife. He hasn't been of much concern lately as we haven't seen him in a long time, but now he was clawing back into my head.

It was not long before the opportunity arose and not by incident, but by design as my wife purposefully contacted him in lieu of setting up a meeting. He showed some concern initially, stating that he did not want to come between us, after which she comforted him in that I was aware and willing to share her. To be continued ...