Written by Wi11i3

09 Sep 2013

I decided to go and watch a blue movie at the Adult World in our suburb. When I entered one of the small rooms, there was a girl busy fondling her breast and with her other hand in her panty. She wore a dress. I wanted to excuse myself to go to another cubicle but she indicated that I could stay and watch the movie with her.

The movie was very hot! I decided to put my hand on the girl’s thigh. She came alive like a thunderbolt. She undressed in miliseconds with me almost as fast.

She was tall, almost as tall as I was. Her breasts were very large and firm with big pointy nipples. I entered her very tight pussy and pressed my penis in all the way, until I felt how her servics mouth opened to exept me inside as well. It was like going in to the holiest of holies. It felt as if I received a blow job over my penis head while I was fucking her pussy.

I fucked her very hard. Within minutes, she started moaning and then I experienced something never experienced before. She started buckling beneath me as she had an enormous climax. It did not stop. Her body was twitching and she kept on coming. She went so wild that I had to grab hold of a chair nearby to stay on top.

It did not take long for me to feel my own climax building. It felt as if a dam wall has burst when I unloaded myself deep inside her. My penis remained stiff (I believe it was because of the additional stimulation over my penis head). I kept on moving inside her while I sucked her tits and her bottom lip.

The movie was forgotten. When everything finally ended I gave her my phone number as I suspect that I will become a dad again….. of a black girl or boy.