Written by Anonymous

22 Oct 2018

I have been fortunate to meet several amazing couples on this site over the years. All of whom I am still mates with to this day.

But the best part of all of this for me? Its that initial rush on the first meet...that electricity that comes with the anticipation and nervous energy just prior to anything happening.

I love it.

Not so long ago, couple months back I had arranged a meeting with a couple. We had been chatting for a while and since they were coming from some distance away we had arranged a neutral central venue in Midrand. I booked in...showered and waited. My Whatsapp said they would be there in 30 minutes. My stomach rumbled with nerves and nervous excitement.

Then...the message, 'we are here'...I then waited for the knock on the door. It felt like forever. But then it came...and I opened to find this sexy couple. My heart was racing. Greetings done we sat down to chat. It was their first time. He could barely speak...I could see the nerves had him all cotton-mouthed. She was like a giggling school girl...nervous but I could see she was excited. He then told me she had given him the secret "go ahead" and I was free to proceed. Now I was shaking! I stood up, led her to the bed and kissed her...removing her clothes as I did...hubby watched in awe. Within a minute she was into it like a rabid dog...my cock in her mouth and her hubbies cock in her hand. Like a duck to water...all the nerves and caution gone. Replaced with such indecency within minutes. It was glorious. For hours we fucked...recovered and fucked some more. And then, just like that it was over. The rush susided and all we had was the naughty video...which I watch every now again...and remember that rush all over again...

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