Written by Pvt

19 Aug 2015

After months and months of rediscovering each other we took the step to swing as a couple. I was skeptic and insecure.. Experiences brought trials and tribulations but I forced etched issue and saw it through.. After being in this relationship I woke up like I was stuck in a dream and couldn't believe how I can live a person so much.. He became my ultimate pleasure and omg the sex is amazing... Absolutely everything about him just turns me on.. I pray day by day it will never end.. That we can mend the last few broken pleCes from the past and just life fuckingly ever after.. I do how ever feel that he might have other fantasies and desires and I only wish I can for fill it with him. I pray every day that it is enough. If he does other things behind my back at least I will be able to know that I tried to keep his lust for me alive.. Everyone has a past and I know what can push you to fuck around... The thril.. The excitement.. The not supposed to.. All I know is I will never be able to do that to him.. I lust him constantly even a thought of a. Secret video or sneaky chat turns me on like crazy.. I just wish he knew how much my love lust and desire has grown for him.. And that by the moon and the stars and the Gods in the sky can ignite the same passion in him for me as I for him... Where does the peace of knowing me myself and I will ever be good enough for him? Return to me my angel ... I'll whisper every night to the sky that you will realize that it's our destiny to explore this wild lustful unique adventure ... Just u and me... Forever and always babe xoxoxoxo