27 Feb 2017

Swinging and the single man..Does it really exist?

I was introduced to swinging by an ex girlfriend who has since moved away.We had some wonderful experiences and played with a few wonderful couples. Perhaps i should explain what we enjoyed..meeting another couple..having a few drinks..perhaps sitting around the pool and then either same room or full swop..really just going with the flow..we enjoyed being naked

I then found myself in the position of being a swinger but finding it very difficult to find a swinging nsa female friend.I suppose part of the problem was that i keep this part of my life a secret from my so called vanilla friends(who know what they get up to)i have tried to introduce one or two girl friends to the lifestyle but but when one told me its for perverts i know i was wasting my time

i then decided to join SH hoping to find a single woman to swing with...it did not take me long to work out that there were way more men than woman on the site and that woman were overwhelmed with messages...lucky them hahaha...it also turns out that not many of them were swingers or least the ones i made contact with were not....i have met and played with quiet few single woman from the site but had very few swinging experiences and that was the reason i joined the site...the few that i did have were fantastic including a memorable experience out on a farm and an equally good one in Camps Bay...only had one bad one..but that is a story for another day...but i digress

So the real question is do i persevere on the site in hope of finding a single swinger

Here is the bad experience that i had...i had been chatting with a lady(kate) from the site with whom i had been getting along quiet well...we had met for coffee(she was surprised that i turned up as she said that she had been let down so many times)

The stumbling block was really the distance..she stays in the northern suburbs and me in the southern suburbs..she does not not like to host and did not want to travel...(she did once and we had a lot of fun in the pool)

i was also chatting to a couple who were showing quiet a bit of interest.. we had swopped pics and she looked good in her pics..great tits with nice nipples...after a few whats apps we had set up a date...it was going to be my first 3sum(out of my comfort zone)...on the morning of our meeting i texed Kate and ask her if she wanted to join..she jumped at the chance..i arranged to meet her at century city

she looked stunning when i picked her up..gave her a long kiss in the car...she no bra on and her nipples were sticking out through her top..we both excited about what we thought was going to happen

The warning bells should have gone off as we were getting near the address as it was not in the best part of Bellville but kate and i just wanted to fuck...we knocked on the door and both got the fright of our lives...we thought we were at the wrong flat...she looked close to 70 and nothing like her pics...we had no choice but to go in... we quickly decided to have a drink and then make our excuses and leave...i think she knew that she had made a mistake and felt bad...they both left the room to get drinks.. i took the opportunity to play with Kate's tits while she slowly rubbed my cock..we were so horny that we decided to play but no swopping..they had obviously had a few words and he went to sit on the balcony

We could see that she was very nervous..we asked her if she wanted to watch.she just nodded..by this time i had Kate top off and was sucking her very hard nipples...kate whispered in my ear that i better go and sit with her and that we were being rude...we went and sat next to her..she was very tense...i slowly stroked her neck which seemed to relax her a bit and got her to take her bra off...they instantly fell to her stomach..they were nothing like the pics she sent..by this time kate was giving me a fantastic blow job..worked her tongue up and down and was taking me deep...we had forgoton about her by now

Could feel myself wanting to come...had felt Kate's pussy earlier and it had been quiet wet..but now it was soaking wet.. went down on her and felt a quick shudder as my tongue found her clit.soon she was moaning and sighing and begging me to fuck her....quickly got on a condom and had flipped kate on all fours....i looked up to see her husband sitting on the coach wanking and her just staring at us..must admit it was a little unnerving...but Kate's wet pussy was staring up at me...i slowly put my cock into her very wet pussy and soon kate was begging me to fuck her harder and harder.. we were really going at it when i felt her behind me..please can i fuck her as well...i just said later....kate came with a loud scream and i duly followed...we both collapsed on the couch..

the husband had gone to sit on the balcony....after a few arkward minutes she asked if i would fuck her as her husband never does....i made an excuse about not being able to get it up again..kate had to comfort her..turns out she cant get wet and needs lots of jell.....

it really was time to get out of there...they wanted to know if we were going to see them again lol....when we got into the car we both burst out laughing..we both could not believe what had just happened...after about 10 min of driving...kate starting stroking my cock and started laughing....i thought you could not get it up again....not easy driving on the freeway getting a blow job hahaha

i often think if that was my first at swinging i would never try again