Written by bornready4fun

02 Sep 2013


Thinking it’s the beginning of spring so let’s kick it off with a braai for our friends. Suddenly Saturday morning the wind is blowing everything away and with that brings a very icy feeling with it. Damm this is going to be a very cold evening but nothing we can do about that now just makes the best of it. Our friends from very far away arrived the Friday and it was great to actually after all this time to really meet you, Itotie and Ikoekie. This party and story is specially for you guys and it was great to have you here and now your lifelong friends. Due to unforeseen events our guests started arriving even before I was back picking up a single girl. Finally everybody has arrived and we are 17 people all together (Dee, me, haelje, Itotie, Ikoekie, reneitte, rob, sandy, dr coffee, swingpta, his wife, guichie, running man, pez, carol, Jan and sunel)……….. Being my 40th birthday on Tuesday we decided a swingers party is def the best way to celebrate it and this was def an amazing evening. Special thanks for all my gifts and flowers. You are the best friends any person can wish for and I love you all to bits. Around the fire we all make jokes and this was so funny I have to mention it….. Dee is running around making sure everything is ready for the playing later on when he’s whole pants tear from top till bottom. Now friends imagine this: a guy coming to open the gate for you dressed in sweater and pants with cock hanging out it was hilllllllarious.

As you all know I have this fantasy to have 40 men this year on one occasion so in a joke I tell haelje well your not 40 men more like 10 so you better get energy cause that means 4 times a guy where Reneitte straight away offers him an energy drink……. This was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing. After a great braai thanks to my love we all moved inside to get out of the terrible cold. Once inside the mood totally shifted and we were ready for some serious playing. 4 people left even before the playing started sorry for them but we def enjoyed ourselves.

Me and haelje starts on our bed while Dee is still busy sorting out drinks etc. within minutes my attention is totally fixed on his tongue taking me to mars and back. Itotie start heating his wife up and I can hear Ikoekie having a great time. While carol and swingpta start playing in the smokers room on the couch – wonder how their backs feel today lol.

After me and haelje finished our session I urge Dee on to start playing and he chooses to play with Ikoekie. This was so amazing because actually this time I could watch him enjoying himself and off course not before long I joined them and while he was busy muffing her I started playing with his balls and sucking on his cock which off course made him rock hard and ready to give her a good fuck. It was amazing for me to actually see how she is enjoying his cock while dr coffee is receiving a bj from her this was really a round circle orgies and sooooooooooooooo arousing. On one stage she was busy giving him a bj while I was kissing him and the way he moaned I knew she was def doing it right.

Out of the corner of the room I could hear how reneitte and rob and running man was having fun and to hear all these sounds of lust and passion and raw sex just made me so horny, that I needed some attention on myself again…………… luckily with my buddies that’s never a problem and within seconds I was back in heaven Cumming and squirting all over the place………………damm nobody by my mouth def not a good thing and I ordered reneitte to come join us. Wow wow wow what an amazing feeling to be fucked by a man and having a woman over my face……………. Girl you taste wonderful and I really loved every second of it, and made sure that I had a few brilliant orgasms while we were busy.

Now it was time for me to take a smoke break and make sure all our guests are still happy. Finally sandy was busy playing and it was great to hear my friend back in heaven where she belongs constantly. Mrs Swing was also being attended and I could see she was enjoying it a lot. Haelje was now busy with reneitte and it was great to see how turned on her partner was by this.

After a bit everybody was relaxing and chatting while we served some tarts and coffee. Amazing sight to see all the people in different stages of bliss. You can actually feel smell and taste the love and lust in the air. Satisfaction on every face is always for me the best about a private party.

Now I had some sugar so mammas’ ready for a lot more action. Dee start by giving me an amazing muff……….. This man makes me cumm like no other. After what must be a dozen orgasms, he and haelje start their tag team and I decided I want to stay in heaven for ever. Whenever one guy gets tired they just switch and the next takes over without losing any sensation. Building up on a massive orgasm haelje is busy fucking me really hard and deep and I’m squirting all over his chest which lead him into a stupor of laughing ………………………….. Fuck damm Mmmmmmmm this breaks everything for me as I’m very sensitive too sounds and makes me ice cold. Shame my buddy feel really bad and I know he didn’t mean it and has forgiven him long ago but yeah it did break the spell for me.

After all the satisfaction we decided its time to get some sleep it is 4° clock already and everybody dashes for a bed. Within seconds everybody is in a deep sleep after an amazing evening.

Thank you all for a great evening

Happy fucking till next time