Written by Stallion84

06 Jan 2017

Read a few good stories about experiences on here and though I would give one a try... I am no Tammy when it comes to writing these unfortunately but here goes!

I do a fair amount of travelling for work and recently decided I should check out the local lifestyle scene in the cities I visit. On a trip to Cape Town, towards the end of last year, I paid a visit to Liza's Lounge.

I arrived at the club more or less at the time it opened as I figured being my first time I would need to be shown around and hear the house rules. That was the case and after I had been given the tour and got my first drink, I sat down and made small talk with another single guy for a while.

A few singles and couples wondered in for about an hour while I sat and talked but no one really to my taste. That was until a middle aged couple with a stunning lady in a short black dress with great body and pretty face, came in and sat down in one of the corners. I followed them with my eyes all the way to their table and kept an eye on them as they sat down and talked quietly to themselves. I wasn't really able to see if they were looking over as the corner was so dim, but after a short while they got up and walked past to the main dance area. I made eye contact as they went past and give a smile which was returned with a shy smile from her on the way past. I kept looking at them as they stood in the dance area and noticed the husband give me a signal to come over and talk.

I quickly made my way over and sat down with them on one of the couches. We made introductions and without much delay they cut to the chase and said they would like to head to one of the bedrooms to play. Not really believing my luck for it being the first time at the club, I readily agreed.

In the room her and I both undressed. The husband was pretty much a standard cuckold and was happy to watch and take pics/vid while her and I played. Seeing her naked I think my jaw hit the floor as she has a petite and slim figure. Her breasts were mid sized and more than a handful which after some kissing and fondling I made my way down to and started to suck on. I could tell she was really into the experience as she made little sounds of pleasure and her breathing got heavy. I used my fingers to played with her pussy, stroking her lips and rubbing her clit which further turned her on. I was of course fully erect and after a bit she lay me on the bed and proceeded to give me an incredible blowjob. After a good amount of pleasurable sucking it was her turn and I proceeded to positioned her on the bed and spread her legs. I caressed her lips and tickled her clit a bit before I started to lick this sexy hotwife's clit up and down, inserting a finger into her pussy and finger fucking her gently. After a short while I felt her clench up and squirm with pleasure as she climaxed. At this point I was ready to fuck her and slipped the condom on before gently easing my cock into her. I started slow but after a short while I was fucking her hard and saw her head arch back as she climaxed again. I couldn't help myself at this stage being so worked up and cum myself.

Cleaning up a bit we made small talk and chatted about where we were from and what the lifestyle. After a bit of time I was ready again and she again went down on me to get my cock rock hard (which with such a stunning women was easy) before she climbed on top of me and rode me until she cam again. I then flipped her onto her back pounded her pussy which I saw made her cum again (I just love seeing a women cum and seeing one cum so many times really turns me on). Eventually I had to take a break and so hubby went to grab us some drinks while her and I made small talk. I think they thought I was finished but she was very happy to hear that I wanted another go and quickly jumped back onto the bed and spread her legs for me again. I fucked her for a bit before changing positions and doing her doggy style for a while until I cam.

At this point it was pretty late and the club was about to close so we decided to find our clothing and meet at the bar before heading off. We exchanged numbers and hubby told me how glad he was they met me and how much he enjoyed seeing me with his wife. They were quiet upset to hear I was leaving the next day and had been there the whole week already. Of course I am lucky enough to travel so will be down there soon again and have kept in touch to make plans for the next time....