Written by The gay cousin

18 Jan 2016

My cousin phoned me this one Saturday afternoon, asking if I wanted to join him for a braai at friends, he broke up with his girlfriend and we haven't seen each other in a while that it would be good to catch up as well.

I took a shower, finished up and went to collect him...

When we arrived there he introduced me to all his friends as his younger gay cousin ... probably to break the ice if people where wondering.... well with that out of the way we started of with some shooters.

There where 2 couples , then myself and my cousin at the braai...after a few drinks and numerous tequila Shots this girl decided we should all get into the Jacuzzi ... I didn't bring any swimming trunks and my cousin was commando under his shorts so I decided I would get in with my jocks and my cuz got in naked , after chilling in the Jacuzzi we started to talk about me being gay and all the things str8 people normally ask when they have a few drinks in...

The one bloke asked if I had ever tried anything with a girl before , and I said to his surprise yes I've been with 2 girls before. .. I don't mind doing foreplay I just don't get sexually aroused .I then went on (as I think the whole sex talk got his girl quite horny) to say that I would be able to go down on a gilr and do all the foreplay with a girl if a guy or that the girl's Bf would play along...

My cousin and one of the couples got out to go start the braai and finish up the salads, leaving me with this hot brunette with blue eyes and quite nice boobs with her hunky boyfriend (one of those Italian stallion's a real handsome bloke) in the Jacuzzi.

It wasn't long before her hand was on my lap while we were talking.... she asked if I would. Mind if they kiss while I was there ... I didn't object and he started kissing her passionately running his hands through her hair and over her breasts .... with this he untied her bikini and showed her breast off, I could see he was aroused by the tent he was forcing in his swimming trunks ,and with that I started getting hard, with her hand still on my lap she must have felt me getting hard and told her hubby, he then insisted I should kiss her breasts with him... without hesitating I had my mouth and tongue all over her breast kissing up her neck , he took my hand and placed it under her bikini bottom sliding my finger in to her very warm and wet pussy, as I was coming down to her breast again she took my face and turned it towards her bf and said we should kiss while both of our fingers are fondling her... this kinda pushed me over the edge and got her quite horny removing his shorts and my jockey.

We unlocked lips and stood up so that she could give us a blow job together , with that he was holding her head bobbing up and down sharing our dicks when he started kissing me again and slipped his hand down my crack and playing with my ass....

I stopped as we heard some noises and didn't want to be caught but saw that it was nothing and I continued, I told her to sit up on the edge of the Jacuzzi so that we could go down on her together and we did ... boy did she like it... while he was busy I moved around and started to give him a bj, when he asked me to rim him , I was amazed how far he was going with this but to my surprise when he popped out 2 condoms out his jeans pocket and said he wants to watch me penetrate his girl .

Before I was fully going at it I felt him rubbing at my ass again and started to push with his head at my whole ... well with the lubrication she was giving of and spit he eventually got his member in and we had a full on fuck frenzy (quite uncomfortable doing all this in the Jacuzzi ) but wow it was fine when I blew my load and had my tongue back in her pussy with him still pounding me from behind and blew is load over my back I looked up with her giving my cousin a bj when she eventually cummed with my fingers and her bf's tongue in her , I realized this wasn't their first rodeo.