Written by Loverme

14 Aug 2017

My view on things, everybody will not agree, and that is fine........

It is said that monogamy is rare in most animals, but common among birds...... this is an interesting fact.

As humans we try and practice monogamy, this is the social norm, what we have been told and learned.

But everybody has a wandering eye, and some of us a very healthy appetite for sex and life and everything that goes with it.

Some of us more spontaneous than others, and eager to be a wild child, live, love and enjoy life. We all only get one chance and one life, so why not enjoy it, live it and love it, and everything it has to offer???

For years I was so consumed with how I look, my curves, my social standing in town, and worried about what people might think and say. The truth is, people will talk and think whatever they want, no matter what you do, or do not do.

Now, I do not go out and advertise that I am a swinger, but I am myself.

There is no age limit on when you have to stop enjoying going out and have fun, dance the night away, meet new and interesting people, have a few drinks (or maybe a few to many....) Society has decided that you have to "calm" down after you get married and have kids.....oh and be monogamous.

Nonsense, you can be married, have kids, be amazing parents, run a successful business or excel at whatever you do for a living, but still be young at heart.

Now you can choose to be in a relationship and be monogamous or pretend to be monogamous, and keep your partner in the dark................ all for themselves, I do not judge.

But being in a relationship and sharing fantasies and playing together is great. I am happy enough to be in just such a relationship!

Having sex with my partner has always been good, and I love it, he knows every inch of me, what sends me over the edge, my boundaries he can push, the list is never ending.

But sex with a stranger....... wow...... it is not necessarily better, but rather amazingly different. And that is what sends me over the edge. How he or she sucks, licks, kisses, strokes differently. That flirt, the build up to something special, and then floating on a cloud afterwards, chatting to your partner about it, sharing the experience, even trying the new things that you explored with a lover.

Being open and honest with my partner, sharing everything, this makes my relationship with my hubby my solid foundation. I do not want to do anything behind his back, I want to and do share every detail with him. And this makes us strong, inseparable...............this makes us, us!!!