Written by Kabous_Rosie

01 Jan 2014

Rosie and I both enjoy walking on the beach while the sun go's dawn. I walk in my swimming shorts and she in her bikini. It is low-tide and the water is playfully around our ankles.

We lay dawn on the beach in the water and became stripping each other. I nibbles on her hard and sensitive nipples and she stroke me between my legs. She moved down and began to lick and suck me like a lolly-pop.

We are both now extremely horny. I moves down to her clitoris, She was moaning from the pleasure. The cool water comes and go’s, we are making love right there in the water on the beach. It fell’s great to feel the cool water and wet sand on my naked body.

While we were still busy, another couple comes by and we were doubly surprised when they joined us naked. We start playing with each other. I lick the other woman’s clit and playing with her tits while her husband was licking and sucking Rosie's pussy and she was screaming from pleasure. Rosie suck my dick while the other man play with her tits and his wife mouth fuck his dick.

When we are all satisfied we walk back to our cabin and we all jump in the swimming pool, naked for some more erotic fun……