Written by Iren

11 Nov 2014

Continued from Sex on Sandy Bay..3

...after my wife erupted in a long and intense orgasm from the 'massage' (which brought a few of the guys watching us to similar heights and spurting their warm semen on the white sand), my wife's body relaxed and went limb, only to experience small shudders and convulsions every 10 seconds from the aftermath of her very vocal and intense climax. I was watching her with dearness and pride, and our Friend still kept his hand and fingers deep in the warmth of her love hole. He was lying on his side, his cock still fully erect and pulsing with his pre-cum now dripping from his enormous head onto his towel.

There was still no movement from our audience as there was a lingering admiration and satisfaction from the guys and remaining couples for my wife and her erotic outburst in total unexpected extacy. No one left and slowly the guys were starting to stroke and rub their soft penises to full erections yet again. Although a quiet and relaxed atmosphere dawned down on the scene in the late afternoon sun, there was still an underlying feeling of electric anticipation...

After about 5 minutes, which felt like a lifetime, our Friend again started to finger my wife - very slowly and softly - and initially only a limb response. He continued at this slow pace and now concentrating his fingering in small circular movements inside her vagina, searching and probing to reach her special spot. This gradually lead to my wife again showing response and soft moans. Although his balls must have been close to bursting, our friend showed his patience and did not speed up his movements. Very slowly he continued with his inner fingering and equally slowly my wife was again building up her intense pre orgasm rhythm and movements. Not as violently as with her first orgasm, but slowly awakening out of her comatose to again meet his continued stimulation inside her, thrusting her ass upwards to meet his movements in eager anticipation.

Our friend now moved his lower body closer to my wife's body, and without removing or changing his fingering, used his other hand to guide his pulsing cock to touch her left bum. He used his hand to make circular movements with his cock all over her ass, and smeared his pre-cum all over her bum and let it drip inside her beautiful crack. She recognized the intentions and also started with small circular movements of her ass to accommodate and invite his eager efforts.

It got alarmingly quiet and the only sounds now were the growing and eager moans of my wife, only to be interrupted by heavy breathing and occasional gasps from our audience.

As my wife has never been exposed to such a scenario, she again opened her eyes to look at me - I have never seen such a bare and animalistic gaze of eagerness and horny expectation in my life. At the same time I could see her seeking guidance and encouragement from me - behind the wild eager eyes a soft questionlike gaze for my approval... I nodded dearly and gave her an encouraging and soft nod of the eyes and head. She smiled satisfied and closed her eyes in a trance..

She understood that she had so much enjoyment and the firm promise of more to come, and that our friend must be in absolute agony with balls and warm juice waiting to erupt. She then slowly turned on her side, facing me but not allowing the hand of our friend to go outside her wet and warm pussy. Without moving her head or upper body, she pushed her ass and lower body closer to him, and now removing his hand from between her legs with her right arm. She pushed further back in a clear and eager invitation as to what she want him to do, and wanting it so desperately herself.

As he still hesitated, she looked over her shoulder in his eyes, and took his pulsing cock softly to guide it deep into her inviting warm love tunnel. He let her guide him inside her, and then pushed long and hard, only to lie very still once he reached her full depth. They were lying still for what seemed like ages while he recovered to make sure he does not fill her up with the first thrust. Everyone waited in anticipation and after about 3 minutes, he started to slowly fuck her - long, deep and slow penetrating thrusts - from pulling completely outside her, and again slipping into her juicy cunt until completely buried. She was not responding to his thrusts as she just 'steeled' her lower body to enjoy every thrust to the fullest and to feel his warmth so deep inside her.

He kept his rhythm surprisingly long but I could hear from his groans and tempo that he was building up to a crescendo, now eager to satisfy his own built up animal instincts. My wife also realized this and wanted him and her to go over the top at the same time. She started thrusting back, pulsating her pussy muscles as only she can, and looking over her shoulder to meet his glare with equal lust... This drove him over the top and he gasped, grunted and shuddered before erupting and planting his seed deep inside her warm and inviting womb. While he shot his sperm, my wife was now fucking him with her hips and as he moaned when his last warm juices filled her up, she also shuddered uncontrollably in her second orgasm. She turned her head back to me and stared me in the eyes as I could see her bare enjoyment and fulfillment, before going into a dizzy gaze, drained from all energy and spent. This gaze also sent me over the top and my cock erupted in an involuntary ejaculation - the first time in my life - and spraying my white seed on her hand and arm next to me.

We then laid equally quiet, only the heavy breathing from the full velocity of their lovemaking audible, and then our friend put his arm around her body in protection and total gratitude, while his last juices were still flowing inside her deepest hole to warm her, both totally spent and unable to move.

I was fixated on them and her gaze, and only now noticed that most guys moved closer, and they had been wanking in unison until they all virtually came at the same time as my wife and friend, some of them for the 3rd time that afternoon. They were in total awe and their utter appreciation and satisfaction visible in their body languages.

I then turned back to my wife and gave her a warm, deep kiss to show my appreciation and support. She responded weakly as she had no energy left, except for a wry and satisfied little smile. After lying like this for about 5 minutes, our friend slowly pulled his half erect cock out of my wife's pussy, still dripping with his cum and her warm love juices. She also turned on her back, and opened her legs slightly to relax as some of his semen was now flowing freely out of her pussy between her legs to her ass.

Slowly our audience started to pack up, reluctantly heading to the road but trying to pass close by, for a last look of her swollen pussy covered with white juice, and to give an appreciative look and some even a thumbs up. One of the couples even whispered their appreciation when they walked past us towards the rocks.

We started talking as we just enjoyed the last of the sun and the aftermath of the intense lovemaking. It was a day in a million and one of our very best memories.

We had quite a number of similar and unique experiences, which my Wife is also eager to share herself if interested?