Written by Iren

04 Nov 2014

Continued from Sex on Sandy Bay.. 2

No one left the beach and everybody, including the 2 couples were watching us intensely as we continued to massage my wife's beautiful sexy ass and inner thighs. We took turns of slipping our hands and fingers between her legs, deeper and longer each time. I could feel her love juices flowing to mix with the oily cream and our touches made her squirming with anticipation. She opened her legs wider as she lay on her stomach to give us better access.. As I mentioned in part 2, some guys have already shot their loads by now, but did not leave and started again with rubbing and stroking their cocks to an erection. A few were also moving closer to get a better view of the action and especially every time when we opened her legs and brown rear hole wider in the process of massaging and stimulating her. There were also 2 coloured guys and a black guy with the most enormous penis I have seen in real life, but more about that in another story...

We continued building up our massage rhythm on her ass and inner thighs, but I gradually started massaging her back, neck and shoulders to give our Friend more 'freedom' and access to explore every inch of her lower body and erotic areas. He was now getting into his own zone, and when I glanced over to his side, I could see his penis was now throbbing and fully hard, with pre-cum dripping from his peehole onto his towel next to my Wife's.

He now continued to only massage her ass and between her legs , every time going deeper between her legs and I knew from my touches there earlier, that she was dripping wet from the oil and streaming love juices. She started to moan softly, but hard enough for me and some of our closer 'audience' to hear. This also aroused our Friend even more and his whole hand was now between her legs, and his massage movements started to change into deep fingering and rubbing movements. She moaned harder and opened her eyes to look at me - I could see the amazed stare on her face, but also eager anticipation and a look for encouragement. I just smiled back at her in re-assurance. She closed her eyes again, relaxed for a few moments, and then started to push her ass in the air rhythmically, to meet every one of our Friend's full hand thrusts with equal force. This carried on for more than 10 minutes, and the quiet expectation and anticipation with everyone was reaching electric dimensions. Their rhythm was now so synchronized that she met each of his entry movements with a full force thrust of her hips and ass into the air to meet his hand and fist. She started moaning uncontrollably as she reached her first orgasm - a long slow and very intense one. Our Friend did not go faster, but in fact slower and more intense that she could fully enjoy the lingering orgasm, which lasted for more that 3 minutes at least. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see at least 4 more guys erupting and shooting their seed over the sand. Still no one left but kept gazing at this erotic and wonderful show of real enjoyment..

Time for the final chapter of our real encounter?