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3 Nov 2014

Sex on Sandy Bay.. 2


3 minute read

Continued from Sex on Sandy Bay... As we were lying and basking in the late afternoon sun, many people (especially the couples) were starting to pack up and head home, reluctantly as it was one of those amazing late afternoons as you can only get in the Cape on a wind still day. However, there were still at least 2 couples left, and about 12 guys in different positions around us, each with quite a good vantage point of my wife. Her body was still glistening with the oil from the earlier massage and she was lying on her back, legs slightly apart, her pussy mound shining and the inner lips protruding and red from the stimulation earlier. She was pretending to sleep but very much aware of the attention she got, and most guys were playing with themselves. We could also see that the remaining 2 couples were comfortable with the scenario and also very interested and amorous. At that stage, one of the younger guys came walking past the little beach area where we were lying, and as we have chatted with him before on other occasions, he stopped to exchange a few words on his way back. My wife pretended to wake up, sat upright with her legs crossed right in front of him, and asked him if he wanted to share a drink with us. He sat down and as I poured the drinks, I could see he was focused on her now open stretched pussy due to the way she was sitting. I know that sight - it is the most gorgeous view and the most inviting sight you can imagine! We continued to talk about all kinds of subjects, and then I suggest she have another last massage as it was such a glorious afternoon. I thought she was going to decline as the guy was still there, but she smiled, turned on her stomach and pretended to try and sleep again. We now had the full attention from everybody on the beach as what was going to happen.. I again took the most oily suncream and sprayed it generously on her shoulders, back, and even more on her buttocks and inner thighs. I then slowly started to massage her all over while our friend was watching eagerly. I nudged for him to help me with the massage, and he immediately joined in. In the beginning, he was very 'polite' and focused on her back and shoulders as I was massaging her legs and buttocks. After a while, I intimated to him to also massage a bit lower - slowly we were working a rhythm where he was massaging her one upper leg/inner thigh and juicy left bum, while I was enjoying myself on the right side. We were lying on either side of her, so there was still a good view for most people who were all lying and sitting between us and the sea/rocks. The Guys were now openly jerking off and a few shot their loads, but no one left.. To be continued in part 3 if interested?

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