Written by Iren

03 Nov 2014

Me and my wife went to Cape Town area for a month holiday in March this year. The weather was great and as we are naturists, we like to go to Sandy Bay a few times a week. But before I carry on, let me first tell you about my wife - She is a lovely and sexy lady in her 40's, blond with stunning blue eyes, 34 C breasts and although they are slightly sagging due to the size, it is complimented with the most beautiful large brown nipples which makes them real suckable and draws a lot of attention in any sexy top. But by far her best assets are her curvy round bums and voluptuous hips - not to talk of her very protruding and clean shaven mound. Her inner vaginal lips are also very visible and attracts a lot of attention! :-)

As you can imagine, she does draw a lot of attention on the beach from males and females alike, especially if she opens her legs slightly, and sometimes spreads them wide open to 'secretly' test the reaction and give some stimulus for the single guys who are usually well positioned to optimize their view - She does like to tease!

Usually after a while she has quite and audience, and then I will take out the very oily suncream and start massaging her - first the back. Starting with long strokes from her neck to her legs, and gradually focusing more on her buttocks and inner thighs. In the process she opens her legs wider to give better access to her by now very moist pink lovehole. Every now and then I will stretch her lovely brown anus open to the full view of the audience before returning to the strokes over her buttocks and between her legs. Depending on the situation and who is watching, we will sometimes continue and let her turn over, to provide an even better and more visual full frontal massage - gradually focusing and centering on her oily open pussy mound, with her legs open enough for most guys to start ejaculating at that stage! But more about that in another story sometime soon...

What I want to tell you in this story, is how this scenario developed one afternoon late, on one of this typical perfect Cape Town days. Please let us know if you would like to hear the rest of this true encounter?

Thanks for reading so far..