02 Aug 2017

in my experimental days in swing life I met a cpl living on a farm ..real English dairy farmers ..both in 40s ..she slim ..he bit stocky ..was invited to stay over there ..after arrival we had some drinks and dinner ..their bedroom was large with a fireplace ..it was winter so the fire was crackling hot ..as we drank more the dares came to strip..she got us both naked and sat on the bench next to me ..leaning over she started to suck me hard ..he kissed her and next thing she popped my cock into his mouth ..ive had a male cock suck before ..but this was hottt..I slipped a finger into her wet cunt and felt her throbbing clit get harder ..we moved to the bed ..she lay with her back to me ..in spoon position..he slipped my cock in and out of her pussy ..and sucked on me when he took it out ..he also had a small vibrator in his ass and we all 3 got extremely horny ..she was first to cumm..with me shooting a big load deep in her ..he sucked the pussy juices off my cock ..and he cam also ..wow ..that was gr8...after resting and drinking we started again with them sucking me hard again...she put a condom and oil on my cock ...she put her pussy right in my face riding me tongue ...next thing he got on also ..slipping my cock into his oiled assy ...fkkkk was that hottt....they were vey experienced in this I saw ...I licked her till she rocked on my mouth ...he played with his cock and shot onto her back...I came soo big that I nearly feinted ....mmmmm we fell asleep in our orgasmic state ..next morning she woke me with a suck on my cock ..then I fucked her hard with her legs around my neck....hope to meet up with them soon again...yummm