Written by Fun_Fearless

23 Mar 2015

So after our first experience of same room fun in August last year (posted the story) we never played again until this passed Saturday...

We posted an ad during last week calling on couples who would like to meet for drinks in Gordons Bay area with no pressure in playing. We received a couple of responses and a white couple from Somerset-West responded and we started chatting. We did the usual verification and was quite happy to meet the couple for drinks at their home in Somerset-West for drinks the Friday. The Friday morning however an hour after confirming with each other that we are still good for the hook up, the couple informed us that the wife's mom fell ill and we would have to postpone. We accepted their posponement but I guess its acceptable to think that the couple backed out at the last moment. We wished her mom a speedily recovery and moved on.

A coloured couple we chatted with earlier this year but due to distance couldn't meet up with them informed us that they would pass by Gordons Bay the Saturday afternoon and would like to meet. The guy let's call him C called me and asked for directions to the place and we hooked up. The nervs were at its peak and butterflies in the stomach for both myself and J. I met the couple outside and showed them in for a brief hook up as we were getting ready to go to a birthday party later. J at this stage was still getting dressed and we sat in the living room having a normal conversation. J joined us and we invited them to come over later the evening after the party or for lunch the Sunday afternoon. The couple left and we also left for the party...

We received a whatsapp message from C asking us what we thought of them and all and we replied that we have no issues and are quite comfortable with them. My battery died and we didn't have any communication until we got back to GB. The first message we received on charging the phone was that they would like to come through if its fine with us. It was already late and we decided to meet the Sunday afternoon.

The Sunday, the couple confirmed with us if we still want to hook up and we confirmed. They arrived at around 2h30 and we chatted getting to know each other better and my gf "J" opened a bottle of red wine and the chat lead to where we found ourselves at this point in our relationships and how far we are willing to take it. The couple C&T went to Woolies to get some sweet things and we saw it as an opportunity to talk. We were both comfortable with them and we agreed to play when they returned if they still wanted to. C&T returned and we informed them that we would like to play if they want to and the two of them agreed.

We moved to the bedroom and started to make out with our own partners as agreed before hand. T and J were both wearing sexy knee high dresses and I could wait to see both naked. When I looked up, I saw T sucking C and took out my dick and J started to suck me as well. I then moved next to C where he was standing with C sitting on the bed and giving him a blowjob to the same position. T then layed back and C was eating her out and we followed. J was moaning louder than usual and C was looking at us with lucious eyes rubbing her breasts and nipples. J was very wet as usual and I asked her to turn aroundand her to turn around to fuck her doggy style so that both of us could watch C&T.

C at this moment pulled T's legs up and fucked her still standing at the side of the bed. I need to repeat this...T has a fucking lusty look in her eyes when she looks at you and blew my first load inside J. For the first time I saw my cum oozing out of J's pussy and I went down on her licking her clit and getting a taste of my own cum.

C asked if I'm cool with T&J making out and after confirming with J we agreed. The ladies started to make out and my dick instantly got hard again when I saw T and J make out. When T was sucking J's nipples, I moved over to J and put my dick in her mouth. C then went down on J and muffed her wow that was a sight and a half. My dick in J's mouth and T licking her pussy. C then moved in behind T and started fucking her doggy style still eating J.

We then requested that the ladies do a 69...wow watching J for the first time eating a girl left me speechless and harder than ever. I moved over to J's pussy side where T was licking her and slid my dick in J's pussy. T was getting getting licked still by J and was looking at me with those eyes again. T sucked one nipple and I sucked the other of J and C was fucking T doggy style. T and my face were inches away from each other looking deep into wach others eyes hearing her whisper to C, "fuck me baby" when suddenly I hear from beneath us,"kiss her". I looked at J and she gave me that ok smile and I looked at C and he knodded his head. For the first time I kissed a girl infront of J and it was fucking awesome. T is a great kisser nice juicy lips and lots of play with her tongue. We finished up and just sat their on the bed both naked and chatted about the experience and just getting to know each other better.

We cleaned up and saw them off and also drove home. On the road J couldn't stop talking about the experience and I was hard again in the car.


We just want to thank you C&T for an awesome experience and we will dot this down as our first experience (no offense to those involved in out 1st experience). I know we will have a lot more experiences in the future in our monthly visits to GB.

To those couples that has lost faith in the site, there are indeed couples that are serious in hooking up. Those of you that is not so serious, get a porno watch it and do your thing, don't mess around with other peoples time.

Apologies for the looooong introduction but for J and myself that was the most sexiest part of it all.

Wishing all happy and safe play times ahead.

Hope you enjoyed the story.