Written by Hairy guy bloke

08 Aug 2015

My Partner and I went to a restaurant which is situated on the Klipriver in Henley on Klip.

Having a Valentines picnic, just the 2 of us behind a memorial stone.

Out of the way of all, minding our own business. Here and there a kiss flows and some body touching.

Late afternoon, my head on Hubby's chest, chatting about everything and enjoying the scenery.

Next moment I saw a Straight couple coming around the corner. I didn't really bother about the girl, but hell that man is exactly what Hubby and I like. Dark hair, beard, hairy chest peeping out on the top of his t-shirt.

Hubby and I look at each other and start to grin, a grind of "wow, sexy!"

The girl looked at us and I remember her words like this morning "do your guys like my husband?" We were both dumbstruck. My hubby blushed and I just nodded a yes with a bit of a smile.

The guy looks at the girl and then at us... "My girl would like to sit and watch how I have fun with 2 guys. Would you be interested?" My hubby said "but I don't like to have sex with a girl". I feel the same. She assured us she won't touch us. She just wants to watch.

We packed up and went home., very shaky and nervous.

Walked into the house, she went and sat on the couch and asked me to kiss her boyfriend. I kissed him... he then stuck his tongue in my mouth and we kept on kissing. My hubby rubbed both our cocks and he said - "this boy is really horny for cock. He is stiff already."

We got undressed just there and then, but the girl remained dressed on the couch.

We kept on kissing and taking turns to suck the other 2 cocks. When I went down to suck this guy he was soaking wet, about 15cm long, thick and uncut, just the way I like it, and my bf was also dripping with precum. The next moment this straight guy bent me over and started to rim me. I couldn't resist and started to moan with pleasure. He stuck his tongue deeper in my ass and it felt so good. He then started to kiss my back and I felt that hairy chest moving further up towards my head. It felt so good, 3 hairy blokes having fun. I started to feel his cock getting closer to my ass and I knew he is going to pound me shortly... but I didn't mind, I just wanted to feel his cock up my ass.

The next moment that cock was up my ass, no lube... He was so wet from precum that he didn't need any. He fucked me gently, long deep shots and I just saw my hubby going down and sucking me while this straight guy fucks me.

The next moment he pulled out, asked me to fuck him, and so I did, his girl asked him in a soft voice, "is it nice babes?" and he respond, I never knew it will feel so good. The testosterone was flowing in the room, hubby and I took turns to fuck this guy. At one stage hubby went and sat on him so the straight guy can fuck hubby while I fuck the straight guy. I could feel that I am getting close to cum when the straight guy said "I'm close", hubby said he must shoot his load in him and the next moment I said I am close and this guy said I must shoot my load in him and I did, I heard him say, "fuck I can feel your load"...

I kept my cock inside of him while hubby is still sitting on top of him.

His girl said, "babes, you want to asked him your other fantasy?" He blushed and said "you guys into watersports?" We both love watersports and went to the shower.. Thank goodness for a large shower. This guy was sitting in the shower and we started to piss on him when he asked if he can bend over so we can piss inside him. We took turns to piss inside him and I then wanted him to piss inside me. We then started a train and while hubby pissed inside him he pissed inside me. What a feeling.

The 3 of us douched and showered together.

Went back to the lounge and the girl just smiled. The guy asked if he can come and visit again, we both agreed and he did indeed visit us again.

Both hubby and I would not mind to have another straight hairy guy to meet with us and have the same experience again.

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