Written by BigRick69

08 Jan 2018

To throw in some context, my friends girlfriend is very very sexy. Nice big breasts, nice tanned skin, a tri-Athlon runner and general health nut. but also knows how to have a good time. Nonetheless all of the guys always end up staring at her when she wears a dress, trying to see up the skirt or at her delicious looking breasts. She isnt your typical skinny health nut, more of a fuller figure with curves in the right places.

Anyways, my friend (D) and I were having a few drinks at a pub. His Girlfriend (T) was at her friends place. They both live inside the same complex. Nonetheless D gets a text from T saying that we should join for drinks. We do so and continue having a lot of drinks and fun. D says we should play strip Five's alive. I am the first one to loose and have to take an item of clothing off. I take off my t shirt. and the game goes on. T looses her shirt, just her breasts struggling to stay in the bra. Her friend (S) also ends up in her bra and D and I in our T shirts. I eventually loose and have to go completely naked. Which i do, we are all sitting on the patio. S then has to get naked and she is sitting next to me. Eventually T has to take off her bra, she is now just in her panties. I can also see she is up for a bit of fun as she positions herself in between me and D and not directly in front of me as before. Eventually we get both girls naked, T has a bit of a landing strip and her pussy just looks delicious. I want it and I want it bad. I also know my friend is very protective of her and jealous so i dont pursue. Instead i focus my attention on her friend S. and attempt to touch her breasts. The game has now changed completely and there are dares being shouted around. D dares S to suck me off in front of everyone. She does so. I can see that T wants to aswell. And as S stops. T puts her hand on my cock. Its now throbbing in her hand and i want her to suck me. i want to grab her breasts and i want to taste that pussy, but know i shouldnt. I look at D and he sort of gives a look of "thats ok but no more" I start focusing my attention on S, and fingering her and licking her nipples, whilst looking at T. I can see T wants to engage. but knows she cant. Anyways, they end up in a fight. it couild have turned into a really great evening, everyone touching everyone and everyone being shared... maybe next time?