Written by Mike

01 Dec 2014

It was a wet and miserable Friday night. The plan was to go out for drinks with some friends and catch up on news. I got to the bar and I was enjoying a beer when I saw them walk in. She looked amazing that night and once more I was thinking damn he is lucky to have her as his wife. We grabbed a bench in the corner and started to catch up on news.

As the night moved on I slid my hand to her thigh, I could tell she was enjoying the feel of my fingers across her. As the night moved on I noticed she wasn't wearing any underwear and I was wondering if drinks were the only thing on her mind. I decided to play it cool and see what happens. As we were chatting the conversation moved on to the guy sitting at the bar, he was chatting with his friend he would turn around and look at us. I think he noticed the age difference and my hands roaming across her thighs, if only he knew.

After a few drinks we decided to call it a night, I followed them to their car expecting to say goodnight. He turned to me and asked me if I wanted to take a drive with them. I agreed and I climbed into the back seat of their car with her.

Soon I had my hands back on her, roaming across her body and feeling her up, my fingers exploring every inch of her body. I managed to shift her into the perfect position and I soon had my tongue exploring her nipples and down to her pussy. My tongue started to work across her lips, teasing her, exploring her and savouring her flavour. Soon it was her turn to return the favour and I felt her reach over and feel my cock. I was enjoying her attention and I was soon hard and willing for more.

I got into position over her slid into her pussy for the first time, the feeling of her tight folds across me nearly sent me over the edge. I managed to hold off and soon I got into a nice rhythm sliding in and out her. I felt myself getting close and I pulled out and ripped off my condom, I stroked myself to orgasm over stomach and tits.

If only that guy from the bar could see this.