05 Nov 2016

ive often heard of Qe park in pietermburg but never got to go there...untilll.....i got a sms from a cpl i had fun with 2 yrs ago ...they going to the city ....keen to meet me again if i want ...obviously i went ....they waited for me at the gates and i followed them to a nice secluded spot . there was another car parked there - but we got out and walked to a picnic spot . i took a small blanket for comfort . she started to suck him and me hard . we turned her between us to finger her wet pussy and the other got a suck . her got the pussy 1st as she bent over - sucking me at the same time . mmmm bliss . then it was my turn to get the pussy . she luvs cock deep and hard . again he fucked her ..now harder and harder . they both came . then i let her sit on a small table ...legs wide . i stood infront of her slowly sliding my cock into her wet pussy . my ribbed condom had her squirming with pleasure . i pulled her closer and went wild fucking her . she cums a lot and that lets me go wilder . another car stopped to watch us in the bushes . we carried on as she luvs open air fucking . with a load push i shot my lod and came with a bang ...wow that was hott...hope to meet up with them again soon