Written by bornready4fun

21 Jul 2012

Being in the lifestyle for a few months and being a very active part of experiencing new encounters in the scene, I finally decide to do the party scene at my house............... Haveing teenagers it was quite a performance explaining why i didnt want them there. I decided on starting small, only three couples and two single guys. The most amazing thing was that i knew every person very personally from previous encounters except for the one single guy which I was dying to meet. We decided to have a nice braai to make sure everyone is well fed and ready for action. Finally everybody was fed and we started playing an adult game mmmmmmmmmmmmm so nice. By the time we finished the game everyone in the room was naked and ready for fun fun fun.

I had three double beds in the lounge with a fireplace to keep it warm and cozy. All started playing 2 on a bed wow what a turn on to see everybody in different stages of lovemaking .......... made me so horny. I was sucking one guy and the other guy was playing with toys on me while the other woman was being fisted ...... the sounds of wet juicy pussies were so amazing and a hell of a turn on ............ and the other girl were being properly fucked ........ the moaning and groaning got so loud I could feel a massive explotion wasnt far away.

My one buddy started eating my pussy and suddenly my attention was fixed cause boy o boy does he know how to make me wild. All wet and very horny he slid a small vibrator inside my pussy and started sucking on my clit.... Fucking amazing and yes when I started cumming i just couldnt stop ......... he penetrated me and oooo my word what an amazing feeling having a cock inside me ramming me hard and another one deep in my mouth... The juices just kept on flowing and i never wanted it to stop. After he cumm deep inside my pussy he went down and started sucking me hard and biting my clit............ my body shivered and I exploded with a bang .......... squirting like mad. This guy had me so horny that eventually when he touched my inner thighs i would erupt in another orgasm. I was totally speechless and breatless.

Taking a well deserve smoke break i saw the one girl being fisted vaginally and fucked anally at the same time ............. wow the sounds of her juices were so arousing that i started playing with my friend next to me. Didnt have alot of resting time cause i just wanted to fuck fuck fuck.

the other girl was taken by the other two guys where the one gave attention to that lovely pussy and the other one by kissing and playing and sucking on her breasts ............ everytime she orgasmed she would start giggleling .... amazing response for sure.

We played suck and fucked one another till about 4 in the morning when all partners choose a bed and snuggled in together and the one single guy got in bed with me and lovey and we all dozed off to dreamland.

Waking up in about two hours we all had a great coffee and got ready to depart. What an awesome evening and so well worth it. Friends for life ............... wouldnt want it any other way