Written by Knoetze8085

04 Jul 2014

It was an idle Saturday afternoon. Karen, a gorgeous petite redhead, was sitting bored at home while her husband was playing computer games as always. She was bored and had enough of it. She went to the kitchen and started packing them a picnic basket. Just a couple of snacks. She then went to the bedroom and put on a short skirt she had. One she new always turned her husband on. A white one with black stripes. She then put on a blue top and decided against putting on any underwear. She looked in the mirror against her cupboard and winked at herself in approval.

She went to the kitchen and tripped the power. She hear her husband, Albert, mutter a swear word and come out of the room. He saw her standing there in her little skirt. Her nipples showing trough the blue top. Karen showed him the basket and said “game?”. Albert smiled and replied with a “Let me get the car keys”

The drive to the park was pretty uneventful. They just talked about work and the weather, nothing of importance. Karen new Albert’s eyes kept peaking at the skirt. She liked him peaking. She made sure he got a good look.

At the park they threw a blanket on the grass. There was a tree close by throwing some shade over them. There was also a stream running not far off. The sound of the running water was meditating. The park was empty which is to be expected over the x-mass season I suppose.

They had a drink and some of the snacks. Albert was laying relaxing on the grass after and Karen was lazing in his arms. This was a good idea Albert said. Glad you approve Karen replied and softly kissed him. Albert kissed back, his tong slipping between her lips. He turned, laying her on her back on the blanket. Him above her. He kissed her, his tong exploring her mouth. She could feel her nipples harden against her top.

Albert’s hand moved over her body. Moving up from her hips, barely touching her. His hand moved over her breast. This made her perky little nipples even harder. He softly squeezed her breast trough her top, kissing her in her neck as he does. He started undoing the 4 buttons on her blue top. She could feel one after the other opening. She could feel the sun on her skin as he pulled the top open, revealing her perky breast . I kissed her again and then sucked one of her hard nipples into his mouth.

He sucked it for a couple of seconds. His one hand softly playing with her other nipple. God she was so wet for him. Albert kissed her between her breast. Then softly on her stumick. Albert then pushed up her skirt revealing her wet little pussy. Karen new Albert. She knew he wanted to taste it. She knew he wanted to eat her. She opened her legs for him. He softly kissed her just above her pussy. Then he ran his tong over her swollen pussy lips. God eat me already she thought.

Albert slipped his tong between her pussy lips. She opened her legs wider. O yes love she moaned softly. His tong moving up and down her hot little slit. God it felt good. She needed it there. She took her breast in her own hand. Softly squeezing it. Her breast was warm from the sunlight backing down on them. Albert’s tong found her clit. Albert softly starting making circle movements with his tong around her clit. God that was the spot. Albert then slipped 2 fingers into Karen.

Karen was so wet. She could feel Albert’s fingers in her. She could hear her own pussy juices as his fingers moved in her. She loved the feel of his tong on her clit. Her moaning increased as Albert’s tong started putting more pleasure on her clit. Licking her faster. His fingers moving in and out faster. Her hips started moving as he licked her. Her moaning was becoming louder and louder. Eat it Albert she moaned.

Albert’s tong put more pressure on her clit. She knew he was enjoying this just as much as she was. His fingers moving in and out fast now. Deep. Fucking her. His tong moving over her hot little clit. Her legs was spread so wide open. The sun on her skin. It was just all so good. She felt her body starting to tingle. God yes she mound. She felt her mussels tighten. She arched her back letting go letting her orgasm spool over her. She could feel her juices running out of her. Her body started to convulsed and she caught her breath in a lowed moan. Albert knowing her, knowing her body just softly kissed her on her pussy now. Knowing her clit was so sensitive now. He kissed her on her stomach. He kissed her on her lips.

Shat sat up to kiss him and with a shock noticed a young guy, about 21, standing a couple of feet back. The guy was starting at them. She looked at Albert. Albert said, “I know, he has been watching the hole time” Karen blushed and so did the guy when he saw he was discovered.

Albert looked at him and called out. Fuck I am tired. Don’t you want to come help me. Karen was shocked at this but the guy was not bad looking. Albert she stuttered. The guy was already coming closer. Albert kissed her again. The guy was with them. Kiss her for me Albert instructed the guy.

The guy kissed her and his hand immediate went for her breast. Squeezing them harder then he should probably. Karen could feel in his kiss that he wanted her. Albert pulled her skirt off. The guy took a nipple in his mouth and Karen again looked at Albert in protest. Albert winked at her. You know you want it. Karen could not help but smile. She did. She has fantasised about this. Very well she said. Pulling his shirt off

The guy was well build. Karen approved. Her hands went for his pants and she could feel his buldg in them. He was bigger than Albert. God this was going to be good. She starting undoing his belt for him. Albert moved around to her face. He was nude. She did not even notice he got undressed. Albert went on his knees besides her. He looked at the guy and instructed him to lose the jeans. As the guy got up to obey Albert gave Karen his dick to suck on.

Karen eagerly took it in her mouth and it was not 3 movements of her mouth over his rock hard dick before she hear Albert say, “Put on a condom and have your way with her” Karen closed her eyes. She took the length of Albert’s dick into her mouth. Deep Trough ting him. Thanking him. She felt the guy spread her legs. She felt his head enter her. Then he was slipping into her. Deeper and Deeper. Karen gagged on Albert’s dick. Taking it out. O my god she moaned. He was still slipping it. She has never felt something that big. He was finally inside her and the guy starting moving in and out of her. Longer, deeper strokes then she was use to. God that felt good. She looked up at him. God he was hot and he was enjoying her body. She looked over to Albert. He was smiling at her. Knowing she was loving this. She took his dick in her mouth again.

She moaned as she sucked on Albert. Her hand taking his balls in her hands. Stroking them. She knew he loved that. Her pussy was getting pounded harder and harder. She could feel this guys all over her body. He was so hot for her. He pushed her legs and hips up so he could get into her even deeper. God that was so good. She could not hold back. She took Albert’s dick out of her mouth and practically screamed, fuck it yes. Stroking Albert’s dick in her hand. The guy fucked her harder. Karen came again. This time exploding. Her orgasm was so intense it pushed the guys dick out of her and she exploded in a stream of um spraying out of her. The guy immediately put it back in and just kept on fucking her straight trough the best orgasm of her live.

As Karen caught her breath she took Albert’s dick back in her mouth. Time for new things she thought. Her finger started exploring his ass. She has never done this but always wanted to. She was surprised that Albert allowed it. She slipped just a little of her finger into his ass. Sucking him. Making sure her mouth stayed moist for the entire thing.

Albert all of a sudden and without warning exploded into Karen’s mouth. His hot cum filling her mouth. She did not love the taste but today she will swallow. Today for him she will swallow she thought. She swallowed and as he took it out of her mouth more cum exploded over her face. She did not mind this. She stroked him dripping the last bit of cum over her body.

The guys was still pounding away in her. Albert stepped back and Karen could look up at him. He was sweating. He pulled out of her , and she could see his dick. It had reflected in the sun because of all her juices on it. He turned her around. Making her go on her hands and knees for him. He slipped into her again. She was use to his size now but still loved taking it. All of it. He starting pounding her pussy again. Karen was moaning, loving the depth, loving his dick hitting just the right spot each time he trusted into her. She looked up, moaning, where is Albert she thought? She saw Albert taking the camera out of her handbag. Albert started taking a short couple of videos of her moaning and the guy pounding away at her pussy.

Karen totally lost control and sense of time. She loved being fucked hard. She loved that her husband was taking photos of it. She loved being outside feeling the sun on her skin. Karen felt the guy thrust deep into her for the last time. She felt him cum as the cum ran through his shaft and filed the condom. He trusted into her 2 or 3 more hard times, filling the condom with his cum.

He pulled out of her and Karen collapsed on the ground. Still breathing very heavy. Albert came to her and kissed her. Albert looked at the guy and said, “Thanks for the help, you can go now”. They shy boy collected his things and disappeared. Albert and Karen layd in the sun for a couple of minutes before also collecting their things and heading back home...