24 Jul 2018

A few weeks ago, after attending the midweek social at Club P*****n, no real pussy action that night, but enjoyed chilling anyway. At about midnight i decided to head back home, and while going to my car, which was parked furthest from the entrance, i passed this couple in their car, this really sexy woman was giving her man the bj of his life.

He noticed me and called me into the car, very hesitantly got into the back seat, she did not notice me get in, she was quite tipsy.

He beckons me to join in the fun and signs me to finger her, which i gladly obliged. She was really sexy and totally naked.

She got the fright of her life when she eventually realized that another man was fingering her while she was sucking his cock.

Her man eventually makes her comfortable with me and tells her to suck my cock also, mmmm, she was good at it.

Now she wants to fuck and the car is too small and they was not registered to go into the club. Thankfully, my place is just down the road from the Club and i suggest we go to my place, best suggestion.

10 minutes later, we are at my place, and she just wants cock, 1 in her pussy and 1 in her mouth. Her man cums and i am just not cuming and i really wanted to.

Then she says," if you not cuming in my pussy, cum in my mouth" and she sucks and i shove until it goes to the back of her throat, THE best BJ of my life.