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Our swinging adventure

Very sexy and erotic soft swap...


4 minute read

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Our journey of swinging.....Connection We had been sort of dabbling with our curiosity around the swinging scene over the past four years. Our experiences were limited to two once off experiences over this period. We are still very much newbies in the sense of the word. After chatting with the husband of another couple for around two months, we had finally agreed to casually meet him and his wife for drinks at a swingers club (Richard and Sophie were their names) the evening finally arrived and we were late, the couple we were meeting had to leave early, already it felt pressured and according to my predictions, bull shit meter ect.... the odds did not seem like we would hit it off.... SWINGING as an act of pursuing sexual pleasures intently proved me wrong on this evening. Once we had arrived we greeted each other and ordered drinks and got to chatting with each other. After a few more drinks, tequilas and a whole two hours later (time flies when you are having fun) it was clear that we had connected on a plutonic level.... Attraction on a mental more than a physical level plays a BIG role when meeting with each other and in this case there was definitely a physical attraction because of the connection, suffice to say we were getting on like a house on fire and things seemed very natural and unforced it was like we had known each other for years. The question was did we want to continue the connection on a physical level? During the two hour chat I massaged my wife’s shoulders and neck a while later I massaged Sophie’s neck and shoulders. It was the first physical contact to test the waters and everyone was loving it..... the chat allowed us to establish each other’s comfort levels we had established that the ladies were bi curious and that the guys were straight with both of us admitting that seeing another man touch our wives was a big turn on thereafter.... It was decided that we would meet in a private room that had its own jacuzzi, en suite bathroom and a double bed. We undressed and climbed into the jacuzzi each of us holding each other’s wives, after some chatting both men started kissing their wives and I could see Richards hand rubbing Sophie in between her legs I followed suit touching Tanya lightly on her pussy lips and after some kissing and touching. The atmosphere was sexually charged I asked Tanya to sit next to Sophie. Richard started sucking and licking Sophie’s breast.... Tanya then out of the blue asked Sophie if she was allowed to give her other breasts the same attention? Permission was given and whilst I sat back.... here was a beautiful site in front of me.... Sophie’s breathing was getting ragged and Richards hands were moving faster in between her legs whilst Tanya was busy with Sophie’s other breast. Richard pulled away allowing Tanya and Sophie to kiss .... I was now getting really turned on wow what a display two women kissing and touching each other. Once the ladies had come up for air and were now resting I started massaging the ladies feet and rubbing their legs Richard made his way next to Tanya whilst I worked on Sophie’s feet, toes ankles and legs I slowly parted her legs and moved into her body kissing her softly whilst caressing her petite breasts. Tanya was seated on the side of the jacuzzi and Richard was licking her vagina adding a finger later Tanya was flushed she kept moving away and Richard kept going in and down on her. Tanya was now against the mirrored wall she could move nowhere else and Richard had his tongue and hand very busy I could see her vagina wet and swollen she started to make slight moaning noises. After kissing Sophie and letting her suck my tongue yes a first for me lol I stood up and she took my manhood in her mouth whilst I massaged the back of her neck this seemed to relax her as she was able to take my cock entirely into her mouth and throat I almost lost control and had to take a rest. I started licking Sophie’s pussy whilst she sat on the side of the jacuzzi. Richard was letting Tanya rest after she had a mini O... he let Sophie take his cock in her mouth whilst I was going down on her. After a few minutes and a lot of activity Sophie’s pussy literally just gushed liquid all over my face. We then swopped and did the same to Tanya who asked us to stop before she lost all control. We dried ourselves off and lay on the bed. The ladies needed no further invitation they embraced each other kissing and rubbing their vaginas at the same time. Whilst we did not swop.....two couples having sex on a bed next to each other was and is such a turn on. Sophie and Tanya were playing with each other’s clitoris’ whilst Richard and I were busy fucking our wives with abandon. We came and everyone lay with each other for a while ..... We kissed said goodbye and went home a very satisfying and sexually fulfilling evening 💥💦👍🏻

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Tags: adventure

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