Written by FLASHES

22 Jun 2013

Me and my partner visited a swingers club for the first time that night, after thinking about it for some time. I was very unsure as I entered the door, putting my senses on high-alert. I could smell the moving bodies on the dance floor and feel the sexual tension crackling in the voyager room, with crawling bodies sharing the most primitive acts. I could hear the moans of pleasure filling the air and felt the exitement building in me. I could feel the slick wetness between my legs, a sure evidence of my arousal. Looking at my husband I could see that he was in the same state of arousal...

We went to get a drink at the bar before going to cool of in the jacuzzi. The barman, a very attractive guy, started talking to me, looking at me with unashamed lust.He mentioned that he was serving at the bar until midnight, but was free after that to enjoy the evening. We would like to join us in some fun later if we would invite him to. I smiled at him and told him that he was more than welcome.

After spending some time in the jacuzzi, we realised that it was just before midnight. We got out of the water and started to walk to a private room on the other side of the bar, our bodies still wet and glistening from the water. I smiled at the barman and he winked at me.

When we entered the room, I was so horny that I didn't even bother closing the door. I went down on all fours and started kissing and licking and sucking eagerly on my husbands cock.I just couldn't control the urgency building in me. I got more and more turned on by the feel of his rigid cock in the back of my throat.

Then I suddenly felt a warm hand caressing my butt... I looked over my shoulder and saw the barman, who introduced himself to us as Johan, smiling at me with smouldering eyes locked on my pussy. I could see his raging had-on springing to life. He was already rock hard and glistening. My husband nodded at him and I could feel him positioning himself between my legs before entering me slowly... completely, grabbing me by the hips to pull me close and fill me right up to my deepest part.

I licked and sucked my husband's cock as I felt Johan increasing the tempo and force of his pumping. I screamed out, feeling my orgasm building, clamping down on my husband's cock and sucking desperately. I took him deep in my throat as I felt the first spasms tearing at my control and started coming apart...

My husband fisted his hands in my hair, holding my head and started coming deep in my throat, shouting out my name... All that was needed to set Johan off as well. With a growl he drove in deep one last time and started to shoot his load deep inside me. I could feel his cock contracting in me until the cum started to run down my legs. We collapsed on a heap, two warm, spent male bodies against mine... A feeling I would never forget...