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17 Mar 2017

our first orgie


2 minute read

we r happy couple...we r being together for 5 years.we try everything in our sex life bettween us but never with other fantasy it was always to see my mrs getting hammed with another 2 or 3 defrent man and every time we having sex im talking to her about that and she goes crazy,she was telling me one day i will do it but dont get upset,hat makes me go very hard and grazy and i fuck her like animal....all started last week..i was at work and i was finishing at 12 mrs send me a text asking me if i l be home at normal time i said yes and she reply i cooked your favour food,my mind when to a normal food....i finished my work and i went home,the bed room door it was close so i went to have a shower,i finished and i went to the room..she asked me to relax and to sit on the couch so shecan tell me something..she started telling me that 5 minutes ago she had 3 guys liking her playing with her and sucking the cocks,i smile but that got me hard even if i didnt believe her,she said to me u dont believe me e i said no and she said to me ok watch ur dream coming true.....she called some names and i saw three guys naked coming in the room,i was shocked..stay there and just watch she tpld god these guys had huge cocks,she stared sucking them oneof them went to her pussy and stared playing with it,i could see her lovng it and she was becking him to put it in side,one started to fuck her pussy the other on her ass and the third on in her mouth,at this point shewas going wild shewas screaming and saying this is a fuck please fuck me harder,she let every one finishe in her mouth something she never let me..the guys left and i fuck her so hard that i came in 2 minutes.after that she told me once a week she want to have it,,i agree with her and i love it..i will let u know next wee what she will do to suprise me....

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