Written by mona

26 Dec 2012

this happened a couple of years back when we decided to start swinging hubby ask me what i would like to experiance an i said anything so hubby said he would decide for himself a male /female or a couple he went on line to another site we were on an found a single guys he made all the arrangements an when friday evening came he told me to doll up we getting company over an so with excitement an fear i took a long bath got dressed up up an waited next minute the door bell rang an hubby went to open the door at this time i did not know who was at the door so hubby invited our guest in an told him to have a seat hubby came to the bedroom an told me to come meet our guest i was a little nervous but plucked up the courouge an went to meet our guest not knowing who or what our guest looked like there was sitting a young guy all dressed up an looking sexy we introduced our self an started chatted hubby ask if wanted drinks an we replied yes that gave us a chance to chat hubby took for ever to get the drinks an we got comfatble next minute our guest moves closer to me an starts touching me i was a bit nervous not knowing when hubby walks in what he would say as hubby walked in he said hope you guys comfatable an served us our drinks next minute to my surprise hubby ask our guest is he comfatable so we chatted a while an hubby decide to leave us alone an say hope you guys start having fun our new friend started kissing me an it was awesome as i nevr kissed any other guys besides my hubby before that day the cough was uncomfatable so i heard hubby say why we join him in the bedroom which we did hubby was lying naked on the bed an i decide to start by giving hubby a bj next minute i felt someone sucking on my already wet pussy it was awesome being sucked while i was sucking hubby so hubby said to entertain our guest when i turned around his cock which was bigger then hubbies looked awesome so i started sucking on our guest an i i could feel he was about to come so i pulled away an then went to suck hubby again an our new friend sucking me so i said now i need to be fucked an hard hubby to our guest he could go first we put the condom on an i like doggie style so i turned around an he did nto wait for me to get comfatble an next i felt this huge cock entereing me slowly an next he started pounding me hard an long hubby decided to lay infront of me an fed me his cock by now my guets was fucking me hard an long an iwas sucking hubbies cock then sunddenly our guest says his about to come an i ask him not to to fuck me more fiirst before he comes by this time hubby was busy shooting him warm cum all over my tits an my guest strated cumming he stayed in me a while an next thing i felt him starting to fuck me again this went on for another hour or so non stop an he said he needed to rest so hubby decided to fuck me while our guest rested i took his condom off an started to give him a bj hubby fucked me for about half an hour an said he was cumming i told our its his turn again an put a condom on an we started fucking again this went on for practically the whole night they never gave me a break always had a cock in my mouth or one busy fucking after a while i told then enough when i looked at the time it was 4 am in the morning

it was the most awesome 3 some we had an it was our frirst our friend still to this day fucks with us there after we moved on to couple which was also awesome an we had a few ladies as well i dont regeret startining swinging it has being an awesome jorney to where we are today still enjoying the lifestyle with all our friends an as we go along we make new ones as well but my first ever fuck still fucks with us years later thanks my friend you know who you are an the couple we play with thanks also not forgetting the single ladies thanks hope to be swinging for the next couple of years thank

will let you know of our first couple experiance next time