Written by carrieandbrad

16 May 2014

After a long day of prep carrie is looking fucking hot and I am fighting the urge to grab her and fuck her broken, reminding myself that its not my night its hers.

The mood it somber and quiet as we drive to the club, not much to say but plenty to think about, we get out the car and walk hand in hand to the door, I know she is nervous, I can almost feel it oozing out of her, I say nothing, just act as if nothing was wrong.

We walk into the club and I can feel and see every eye moves onto her, the feeling of pride washes over me, “yes she is mine,mmmm not tonight but normally she is mind I think.

We get some drinks and sit at a table in the middle of the club, she is scanning the club as if a cheetah was scanning the plains for her next meal, without a word she stands up and goes over to the bar, start talking to a guy, I don’t think much of it as she has already numerous times said “ just because I speak to a guy does not mean I want to fuck him.”

I notice her hand slips to his crouch and she smiles ever so slightly,

She comes back to the table and does not say a word just let a sigh of relief out, and carries on scanning the club.

I say “and”, she just says” not sure

Fuck I can’t read her, my heart is sore its beating so fast, she casually stands up and goes over to another guy, chats and again her hand slides down to his crouch, this time the smile is much bigger, I assume so is his cock

She comes over to the table takes her bag and says go with them and wait for me in the room

I don’t have much to say to these guy, but think I can give them some pointers, I don’t want to be director but think if they can tease her she will be more willing to try new things, I offer some pointers but carefully avoid playing directors

A weird silence comes over the room and I think to myself where the hell is carrie, I don’t want to have small talk with the guys, luckily they seem to be doing ok between themselves.

Just then…..

carrie walks towards the room softly. Not wanting to make any noise. They’re already caught up deep in conversation they don’t notice her until she steps into the room. She stops once she’s just inside the doorway. They’re staring. They’re eyes roaming over her, flushed body.

She gives me a little smile and move towards them, she crawls onto the bed. One leg between Jack’s thighs the other between John’s. She kiss John first then Jack on the cheek. Neither needs more of an invitation to touch her, their hands immediately begin exploring her body. Seeing their hands on her at once is even more intense than I could have ever imagined (and she is still dresses. She continues to move from John to Jack, kissing, sucking, biting, licking until the three of them are panting with desire.

The two of them lift her off the bed long enough for them to stand up. John places her in the center of the bed as Jack strips his clothes off. Once he’s nude, Jack kneels before her, spreading her legs wide. He licks her thighs and digs his tongue first. She groans and looks up at me and winks while grinning at me. John takes her and slowly undresses her, first he unbuttons her shirt, her nipples are erect and he definitely notices them, he slides her mini down onto the floor and lies her back on the bed.

“Are you just going to watch?” She asks as She grinds her hips into Jack’s mouth.

“YES.” I smile “You look beautiful.”

She starts to whine as Jack slips a couple of fingers inside her and laps at her clit causing her hips to rise off of the bed. John kneels next to her head allowing her to reach his cock, she hungrily takes it into her mouth and starts sucking (from the expression on John’s face he licks whatever she is doing) For the next ten minutes Jack licks, sucks and bites at her wet pussy, She rides his face to her first orgasm while she sucks Johns erect cock, stopping just in time so as to stop him from cumming to soon. Then the guys switch places. John moves between her open thighs and Jack comes around the bed to put his cock in her mouth. After a few minutes, Jack leans further down so he can reach her neck. He kisses down her neck, over her collar bone to her breasts. He sucks one nipple in his mouth and teases it with his tongue, then the other. Jack continues to do this until she’s bucking too hard for him to continue.

She pushed herself off of the bed and looks down at John. John removes his mouth from her clit and moves two fingers deep inside of me until he hits what he’s looking for.

“Oh fuck.” She groans and reaches for his arm. Instead Jack grabs her arms and holds them against the bed.

“Oooo gawd, oh,. Oh, ooo, awa, awa , oh yea, oh FUCK, yes. Oh there, don’t stop, don’t stop.” She’e panting, begging, her voice is getting higher and higher. “Don’t stop. Oh o o o o ooooooooo oh yea oh yea.” Her entire body, besides for her shoulders, arch off of the bed as her orgasm comes crashing down. The pressure in her bladder is almost too much. Liquid shoots from between her legs. She looks over at me with a smile.

“Want to try?” John smiles as her body thrashes around in the aftershock.

Jack nods his head and the two exchange places again.

She’s still riding out her orgasm when Jack slips a couple fingers inside her until he finds her g-spot. He pushes down on her pelvis and starts pumping softly.

Fuck. Oh ooooooooo. It’s too soon. I can’t.” She cries but John, who is now kneeling on the bed next to her, grabs her face and shoves his cock between her lips. She clamps down to keep from screaming as her body begins to shake and thrash.

To John’s delight, Jack’s fingers make her moan with his hard cock down her throat. She’s so lost in her own ecstasy that she din’t fight it when John’s hard, thick cock slips deeper into her throat causing her to gag a bit. She lock eyes with me and see’s straight through me, like she is not in her body.

With her eyes locked on me she slowly kiss her way down John’s pulsing cock. She takes her time, making sure to worship every single bit of him. She kissed, licks and sucks her way from below his balls, up his long, thick shaft to his magnificent mushroom head.

“Amazing.” She whisper as she kisses all around the head. “This is my favorite.” Keeping her eyes locked with me, She opens her mouth and tease all around his head with her lips and tongue before slowly putting it in her mouth, careful not to touch his cock with anything as he enters. Once he’s near the back of her throat she clamps down and begins to suck.

“Fuck.” He groans and grabs the back of her head, knotting his fist in her hair. She wiggles her hips into Jack’s face to show them both she’s theirs.

Jacks lips are all over he. Her hips, thighs, knees, pussy, ass, everywhere and it looks amazing. As he continues to worship her ass she gives John the one thing she never thought I’d be able to give a strange man. Complete control. She wrapped one hand around the base of his cock and placed the other on his inner thigh so she can massage his balls and the sensitive area below. She looked up at him and gave him a slight nod. He shakes his head with a smile, she sucks him hard and feels him shutter. His grip on the back of her head become tighter and his hips start thrusting.

She does her best to overcome the initial fear of choking. She relaxes every muscle in her mouth and throat and tries not to let me hear the sound of her choking as John quite literally fucks her throat.

Jack, feeling her tense up increases his efforts in taking her mind off of John’s thick cock sliding down her throat. Within seconds her body is shaking and she’s squirting all over Jacks face. John quickly pulls out as her orgasm takes control of her body. Probably worried that she would get him with her teeth.

The three of us watch as one of the most intense orgasms rolls through her body. Her toes are curled, fists tightly clinched, body bucking all over the place. As the shaking subsides and the trembling begins their hands return to her body.

John has her turn her body length wise and rolls her over onto her back. He moves between her thighs and lifts her hips off of the bed. In seconds the tip of his cock is pressing against her wet pussy. She pushes back to meet him and moans loudly as he enters. I can feel my blood pressure drop instantly and I have to stop myself from passing out, the site of his big hard cock entering her makes me almost blow my load. Once he’s all the way in she reaches for Jack who is standing just off the bed. She grabs his ass and pulls his long, hard cock towards her mouth.

John’s behind her thrusting his cock deep inside of her, Jack in front of her as she sucks him deep down her throat. She handles Jack’s cock much better now, he doesn’t fill her the way John does. He’s easier to deep throat and she looks like she’s getting more and more excited.

The three of them seem to find a rhythm, working like a well oiled machine. John keeps her from reaching her peak long enough for her to get Jack close to blowing his load as well.

“I’m gonna come.” Jack announces to us a few minutes later. “Oh fuck Carrie you’re mouths so sweet.”

“Make him come.” John says from behind and slaps her ass. “Take his cock down your throat until he comes.”

“Oh yeah. Oh Ly, oooo Fuuucccckkkkk.” Jack moans, pumping his hot cum down her throat. She gently massage his cock as he slips it from her lips and give his head a quick kiss. “Thank you gorgeous.” He says.

She smiles and focuses on John, who’s now ramming his cock deep inside of her.

With a free mouth she instantly starts moaning, she seems to enjoy being fuck with a big cock. Praising John and his cock to the fullest. She swears at him and tells him to “fuck me harder, faster”. He ignores her demands and fucks me the way he wants, knowing that he’ll get her off.( I had given him I few pointers before they started)

Once Jack recovered from his orgasm he reaches over the bed and below her shoulders until he hits her tits. He gives them both a few pinches with his fingers then begins teasing them. Between the sensation of Jacks fingers on her nipples and John pumping deeper and deeper another raging orgasm bursts through her body causing her to scream. Literally scream. My cock is throbbing and I can almost feel it dripping out of me now.

John slows down and Jack caresses her back as she settles down from another intense orgasm. Once they’re happy with her state John pulls out and helps her to her feet. Jack settles onto the bed and slides a condom down his now rock hard cock.

John sems to have taken control of the whole situation as if he was the director of a porn movie, as he positions her over Jack lap.

“Don’t make me beg for it.” She says loudly.

Without another word John hands her over to Jack who holds her hips as she slides down his average but rock hard cock. Again I find myself concentrating on not passing out, Once she’s settled in he raises his hips off the bed and kisses her neck hard.

It’s like she knows I’m behind her somewhere, watching. Like she feels my eyes on me as she grinds her hips into Jack.

“God you’re so fucking tight.” Jack groans as he runs his fingers down her back.

“You’re so hard I can feel you pulsing.” She moans.

That’s when John’s hands caress her on her ass.

“Oh fuck yes.” She moans as her head drops back. John touches her from behind. “Holy shit. Oh oh..” she cries out when his finger pushes through her resistance. “Oh oooo yea, oh please?”

“Are you sure?” John whispers, his mouth near her ear lobe.

Before she answers she looks over to me for approval, I just shrug my shoulders as if to say “it’s your choice!!!”

“Yes!” she cries out, “Now. Please don’t make me wait any longer.” John obliges and pushed his finger deep into her ass, by the look on her face she looks like that hit the spot.

The guys look at each other over her shoulder, she looks like she wants to ask them what’s going on but she’s too caught up in her own ecstasy.

Suddenly Jack stops moving and John removes his finger.

“Breathe little one.” John whispers. She leans forward and sticks her ass out a little further until she feels John’s cock between her cheeks.

“Oh God.” She groans and grinds into him.

“Nice and slow.” Jack tells John as they hold her still. She looks down at her waist, the site of Jack’s slightly hairy skin against her smooth delicate skin and John’s tanned, tattooed skin is too much, her body trembles and she bites down on Jacks shoulder. “You okay?” He asks.

She nods, “Yea.” As she smiles up at me and the pressure begins. At first it’s too much, painful but the more John pushes in the pain lessens and the pleasure builds. I want to jump in and put a stop to the whole thing but as I get enough breath to move I can see in her face that she’s enjoying herself, so I stand ready but do not move!

“Oh FUUUUUCK.” She cries out and dig her nails into Jacks back.

John stops and gives her a second. Huh what a gentleman I think to myself!

“More.” She begged him and push back into his hard cock. The words are not cold out of her mouth and I can feel the cum running slowly out of me, I pinch my PC muscle to stop the flow, seems to work!

“Carrie give your body a second to adjust.” He laughs making her body convulse slightly.

“Auuhgh don’t do that.” Jack grabs her hips harder, holding her still. “Your walls are tight and only getting tighter as he enters you. You move like that and I’m going to cum before we even get started.”

“Sorry.” She says and moans as John pushes more of himself into her.

I find myself in my tip toes trying to see both the cocks in her, John is about half way now!

“A little help here.” John says to Jack who quickly moves a hand from her hips to her clit. The second his fingers hit her clit her body tenses then relaxes allowing John to get more of himself in. “Almost there.” He strokes the back of her neck. “God you’re incredible.”

“You can thank me by getting the rest of you in and fucking me.” She teases, taking a deep breath and relaxing her muscles.

It’s exactly what John needs. There seems to be a sharp pain as he pushes the last of him deep inside her then freezes. They’re both buried deep inside of her, pulsing, throbbing against her thin wall.

“Holy, fuck me.” She screams when the two slowly begin to pump their hips.

I cannot stop it now its pouring out of me, I have given up, to see carrie enjoying these two guys is such a turn on for me!

Jack moves his hands to her tits and begins kneading them, taking her right nipple in his mouth as John wraps his palms around her waist. Their bodies move together, working every part of her. She says softly “I’ve never felt so full, so incredibly full”. The three of them work towards their common goal quickly. I’m shocked by how fast they all cum but can just imagine that if they found her tight before, She was even tighter now.

John turns her head and softly blows on her neck as he reaches down and flicks her clit. That’s all it takes. Her first wave comes crashing down on them.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum.” John groans from behind her, pumping into her faster and faster.

Jack quickly joins John, their hips moving into her faster and harder. She digs into Jack and throw her head back as another wave crashes down, it’s too much. It’s all too much. Jack quickly joins john, pumping his hips hard as his orgasm takes over. John flicks her clit again sending her body into another realm. She bucks into him and clinches hard, taking him down with her.

The three of them, moan, buck, thrash and wail together until they all shut down, falling all over each other.

From where I was standing it look very well choreographed, but thought that nobody was that good to get the timing so right.

When Jack finally moves to pull out I notice the tears on her cheeks.

“What’s wrong?”

She shake her head, her body trembling. “That was, she didn’t even know how to describe it.” She sighs and allows John to lift her off of Jack.

John takes her by the hand and passes her hand over to me, I hold her tight. I kiss her forehead, her cheeks and her nose. Whispering incoherently “That was fucking amazing, you are fucking amazing”

The two guys are talking to each other but I’m dizzy with excitement I don’t comprehend their words. Still holding her tightly I take her down stairs and slowly slide her in to the Jacuzzi. The water is hot and I can see she instantly relaxes

“You’re going to be sore tomorrow.” I whisper in her ear.

“So totally worth it.” She replies allowing her head to fall back onto my chest.

“You are one of a kind you know that?” I say kissing her neck softly.

“Can we do that again?” she asks

I laugh, “Someday.” I whisper, as I gently caress her skin.

I hold her tight as she relaxed against my body.

Just as sleep begins to tug at her I whisper in her ear, “You are all mine.”

She smiles and allows the exhaustion and happiness to wash over her.

“All Mine.”