28 Jun 2016

In the years Sherry and I have been together, we have tried almost anything and our sex life has been great. Notice that I said "almost anything," there is one thing that I haven't been able to get her to try and that is a threesome with another woman. She does know how much the idea turns me on and when we are making love (especially when she is trying to make me hard for the third or fourth time of the night) she will ask me to describe my fantasy as she sucks my dick back to life. Well I finally came up with an approach that changed her opinion.

We planned on having dinner at a very romantic restaurant and then go out dancing and I told her that later in the evening I had a surprise for her. As we got dressed to go out that night it took all my self-control to not throw her down and fuck her right then. She was wearing thigh high stockings and a black silk garter belt, a black lace shelf bra, that left her nipples exposed, and over that a black silk wrap skirt, that came down to just above the top of her calf and because of the way it wrapped, it left one leg exposed up to about mid thigh, showing just a hint of the top of her stocking. The final touch was a silvery grey, very sheer silky shirt, unbuttoned down to just below her bra. This displayed much of her beautiful round breasts and what wasn't exposed left very little to the imagination due to the sheerness of the material. I couldn't wait to see her when she became aroused and her nipples really stood out. As she finished buttoning her shirt, she asked me how she looked.

"Sherry, you look so incredibly fuckable," I said as I stood up, put my arms around her and drew her to me.

As she ground her hips into me she said, "Ooooh, you make me so hot. I'm so looking forward to tonight." Then she gently pushed away from me as she said, "Now, lets get going before we lose control. There will plenty of time for this later and besides that I'm very hornyI mean hungry."

"Me too both of the above."

We had a great dinner and I don't know how many bottles of wine and as we got up to leave the restaurant, Sherry said, "How about a walk in the park before we go dancing?"

"Sounds great to me, babe." And I put my arm around her and we headed for the park. After we walked awhile, Sherry stopped and turned and looked up at the clear night sky. I stood behind her and put my arms around her and felt her sweet ass against my hard cock.

"Oooh, the evening breeze and your big dick against my ass is making me sooooo hot. On a night like this, i feel magically sensual" As she said that, she was unbuttoning her shirt and grinding her ass against my now rock hard cock. Then took one of my hands and put it on her tit and took the other one and guided it through the slit in her skirt to her wet pussy. As I slid my finger between her wet pussy lips she let go of my hand and brought her hand up to her other tit. As I slid two fingers inside her, she turned into that hand and toward me and told me to suck the tit she was playing with. She started to unbutton my shirt and play with my nipples as I sucked one tit then the other and finger fucked her. Next she undid my pants and stroked my dick with one hand and played with my balls with the other.

" I want your big cock inside me now!"

I stopped sucking on her tit to say, "I'm up for that and you are pretty wet, but shouldn't you" Before I could complete the thought, Sherry was sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. After covering my cock with saliva, she turned her ass to me, flipped her skirt over her back and told me to bury that big cock in her aching pussy. I put just the head of my cock in her, then withdrew it. I love to tease her, so I did this a few times and then just as she was about to yell at me, I slowly pushed all the way into her, then ever so slowly pulled back, moving my hips from side to side, till just the head of my cock was in her. After I did this a few times she started to cum, I increased the speed and she started to cum even harder and the harder she came the harder I fucked her. I started to scream that I was going to cum and next thing I know she has pulled away from me and is sucking my cock as I exploded in her mouth and the more I came the harder she sucked. Once she finishes sucking what seems like every last drop of cum from my dick, she kisses me deeply and I can taste both of our love juices in her mouth. Now normally when we fuck, Sherry wants me to cum inside her. That is not to say that I never cum in her mouth, its just that if I am inside she wants to feel me cum in her. So needless to say I am surprised by what just happened and I have to know why. I'm not complaining, I'm just very curious. I had to ask.

"That was infuckingcredible, but I'm confused. Mind you I'm not complaining, but normally you really want me to cum inside you. What's up?"

"You're so sweet, since I'm not wearing any panties, I decided that I didn't want to go dancing with your love juices running down my legs. As an added bonus, I found out your cock tastes great covered in my love juices."

"You're right, there is nothing like the taste of pussy juice. I know for a fact that it tastes great right from the source."

"Oh, you are impossible. I know how much you'd love to see me with another woman, but I think it will have to remain a fantasy."

"And a fine one it is."

"While you are fantasizing lets put ourselves together and go dancing."

We got ourselves put back together and headed to the bar. It was right next to the restaurant and had a great jazz band playing. We danced and drank the night away. By the time the band played a slow song, Sherry was so drunk she was practically fucking me as we danced. We were putting on such a show that the people who were dancing stopped to watch us. When the song ended, the bands singer pointed to us and the crowd went wild. In response to this Sherry put my hands behind her back and raised her leg on the side with slit in the skirt up to about my ribs. Then she leaned back against my hands as she ran her hand from her knee, up her thigh pulling her dress aside revealing the top of her stocking, the garter strap and the side of her ass. Then her hand ran up her hip, across her stomach, over her breast, up her neck and through her hair all the while grinding her pelvis into my thigh. Sherry's bow (so to speak) drove the crowd so wild that it was almost impossible to hear the singer announce that the band was taking a break. As the applause died down, we made our way back to our table.

Between the Johnie walkers and all the attention, Sherry was feeling pretty frisky and uninhibited at this point. What happened next was beyond anything I ever expected to happen. As we were talking, a drop dead gorgeous woman, with long black hair sat down next to sherry and said, "You are one of the sexiest woman I have ever seen." In response to that Sherry winked at the woman and ran her tongue over her lips. The woman apparently took that as an invitation and she put one hand behind Sherry's neck and kissed her deeply as she caressed Sherry's breast with her other hand. As they kissed, sherry reached over and fondled the bulge in my pants. When the woman came up for air she reached into her purse, took a small piece of paper from it and put on the table and said, "I'd love to get to know you better. If you feel the same way, that's my phone number, give me a call later tonight." Then the woman stood up, walked over to me, tweaked my nipple as she rubbed her tits in my face and said, "You're pretty cute yourself." Then she walked out of the bar. After we watched her leave, we looked at each other and Sherry winked at me and said, "From what I feel in my hand, my little show got you pretty worked up."

"No shit. What was your first clue, my throbbing cock in your hand? From the looks of things you were pretty turned as well."

"Oh you wish I was. I was only doing it because I knew how turned it would make you."

I slipped my hand under her skirt and between her legs and felt a very wet pussy and said, "Ja, right. That's why your nipples are so erect and my hand is covered with your love juice. I don't think that I am the only one that is turned on."

Sherry got that wicked grin on her face and said, "Well, maybe I'm a little, tiny bit turned on. She was a good kisser. I suppose you think we should get to know her better.'"

"Not a bad idea, but right now I think its time for your surprise."

"This surprise thing has been driving me nuts all night, can I finally see it now."

"I'm sorry but you will have to wait a little longer, we have to drive to where the surprise is."

"Well, where are we going to drive to?"

"If I told you"

"it wouldn't be a surprise. Marco, you are impossible."

Sherry stood up, winked at me, took my hand and said, "Well, lets get going and while we are driving, I just might have a surprise for you."

I got up and we left the bar and went out the car and headed for the surprise. As I was driving, Sherry pulled her dress up and spread her legs, then took my hand and started to rub her clit with it. She started to breath harder as I rubbed her clit and took her hand away from mine to unbutton her shirt and asked me if I wanted to watch her play with her tits. I said that it would be hard to do that and drive at the same time, so she turned the rear view mirror to give me a better view. Not only could I see her play with her nice round tits, but I was also able to watch the expression on her face. In no time the expression on her face was the expression of a woman having an orgasm. The fact that she was screaming, "Ooooooh god, I'm cummmming..fuck me, fuck me hard..ooh shit I'm cumming sooo" was another clue. We arrived at our destination as Sherry was recovering.

"This is bullshit! This is no surprise; this is a fucking strip club. Maybe it is a treat for you, but it is definitely NO surprise for me."

"Calm down, the strip club is not the surprise, but the surprise is coming up sooner than latter and I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it and I am positive you'll be very surprised."

That seemed to calm her down and we parked and went on into the club. We sat right at the stage and Sherry and I being pretty drunk by now had great time tipping the dancers and whopping and hollering at the end of their sets. The next dancer was the woman who had kissed sherry and caressed her breast at the bar. Sherry looked at me like she knew something was up, hell, this was a surprise to me and as it turned out she would be my surprise to Sherry.

The woman danced just as sexy as she looked. By the second song of her set she was totally nude and on her hands and knees in front of Sherry. She placed her hands on the back of sherry's chair and started rub her tits all over Sherry's face, and next thing I know Sherry is sucking on one of the woman's tits.

I slipped my hand between sherrys legs. She was quite wet down there and she started to grind her pussy against my hand. The dancer then moved over to me and rubbed tits all over my face and I could feel sherry's saliva on her tits. She didn't spend near as much time with me as she did with Sherry and she moved around too much for me to be able to suck on her tits. For the last song of her set the dancer walked directly up to Sherry and sat down on the edge of the stage in front of her. Then she put feet behind Sherry's chair and pulled it right up to the stage and then she put her feet up on the back of the chair on each side of her head. As she stared at dancer's completely shaven pussy, the dancer slid one of her fingers up and down the slit between her pussy lips. Soon her pussy was glistening with her love juices and her finger slipped all the way in. After plunging her finger in and out a few times, she removed her finger and ran the tip of it around my sherry's lips. Before she could run it all the way around her mouth, Sherry sucked the dancers finger into her mouth and sucked on it like it was a cock. The dancer then removed her finger from sherrys mouth, leaned back on her elbows and thrust her pussy right into Sherry's face. As Sherry tongue fucked the dancer, she started the grind her pussy into my hand again. Sherry may have been too distracted to notice that my cock was really throbbing under her hand. The dancer tossed her head back and arched her back as she rode sherry's face like she was riding a cock. As the end of the song approached, the dancer collapsed on her back and started to writhe around like she was cumming (she may have been acting, but it was a great act). Just as the song was ending, the dancer did a backward somersault and ended on her hands and knees in front of sherry and gave her a long deep kiss, then stood up and went to center stage and took her bows.

When the dancer went around the rail to pick up her tips, she got to me before she got to Sherry. As she reached down to pick up my tip, she kissed me on the cheek and I asked if she would be available for a private dance with Sherry. She winked at me as she nodded her head yes. When she got to sherry she picked up her tip and grabbed some of the money she had already collected and stuffed it down sherry's bra. Then as she caressed Sherry's breast, she said, "You are quite the sexy slut goddess." Then she kissed her deeply (shit, all I got was a peck on the cheek). When the dancer finished picking up her tips, she went to center stage to take one last bow as the DJ said, "All right guys, let's take those hands out of your laps long enough to put them together for Sinful." The applause was deafening and Sinful gestured with one hand for sherry to take a bow as well. The crowd got even louder, so Sherry had to stand up, which she did in great style. She rotated her hips as she ran her hands down her neck, across her tits and down to her hips. When her hands got to her hips, she stopped and cocked her hip out to the side of her dress that had the slit in it, exposing most of her very sexy leg. When Sinful turned and left the stage, Mona sat back down and had that look on her face she gets when she wants to fuck all night long.

"So, was that the surprise?"

"Actually, no it wasn't. I was as surprised as you. Mind you, I'm not complaining. That was so fucking hot. You seemed to really be into it. If you weren't, that was one infuckingcredible performance."

As she pulled the wad of cash from her bra, "Well of course it was an infuckingcredible performance,' look at the tip I got. While it was a great performance, I did enjoy the fuck out of it and from what I felt against my hand I'd say you enjoyed quite a bit as well. Also your hand rubbing my clit definitely helps get me in the mood. But if that wasn't the surprise, what is?"

Before I could respond Sinful came up to Sherry and said, "Sorry to interrupt, but that cute husband of yours has bought you a private dance with me and I can't wait to get started." "Marco, what is a private dance?"

"It's your surprise. If you enjoyed Sinful's stage performance, you'll love a private dance."

As Sinful took sherry's hand she said, "Bye the way, Sinful is my stage name, you can call me Cindy and just follow me. Marco is right, you will love a private dance with me."

When sherry stood up she grabbed my hand and asked, "Can Marco come with us?"

Before Cindy could answer, I said, "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

As we walked across the club to the private dancer booths the DJ announced the there was a three for the price of one dance special coming up next dance. Cindy said, "All right, I get to have three times as much fun with my sexy slut goddess."

When we got the booth, Cindy pulled aside the curtain, led us in and told us to make ourselves comfortable on the couch. We chit chatted for a minute or so before the next set started. As the music started up, Cindy stood in front of Sherry and started grind to her hips as she caressed her body with her hands. She was wearing a sarong that was so sheer you could pretty much see everything it covered and it came down to just below her ass. The only other thing she was wearing was a lavender silk thong. Next she turned her back to Sherry, bent over so her ass was almost right in Sherry's face. She slipped her thumbs under the thong and slipped it over her ass, then stood up and spread her legs just enough to let the thong drop to the floor. She started to grind her hips again as she untied the sarong. Once the sarong was untied, she let it drop away leaving her backside completely naked. She turned around in time to the music and she was holding the sarong over her tits. Her hands sensuously caressed her tits as she slowly slid her hands down until just the top of her aureoles were showing. Then she pressed her tits together, creating some very impressive cleavage as her head rolled back with the look of being very aroused. She released the sarong with one hand as the hand still holding the sarong made its way across her tan stomach to down between her legs. When that hand got down to her pussy, she started to hump that hand as the other hand held a tit up toward her mouth and she flicked her tongue on it.

As this was going on, I had my hand between Sherrys legs and at this point she was grinding her pussy quite enthusiastically against my hand. Then Cindy stopped licking her tit as she brought the sarong up to her face and inhaled deeply the smell of her own sex. She tossed the sarong aside with a flourish as she dropped to the couch with her knees on each side of Sherry's legs (I of course moved my arm out of the way).

As Cindy played with her own tits, she settled onto sherry's lap and ground her hips into it. Sherry started to breath faster just as Cindy started rub her tits all over Sherry's face. Cindy ran her fingers through sherry's hair as she sucked on Cindy's tits. Then Cindy straightened her legs and began to rub and slide her body all over Sherry's. When Cindy's face got to the level of Sherry's tits, she unbuttoned Sherry's shirt and started to suck on the tit nearest me. When she moved over to the other tit, I took over on the one she had started on.

Soon Cindy slid down so that her face was now buried between sherry's legs. Sherry was quite aroused at this point and was playing with her other tit with one hand and running her fingers through Cindy's hair with the other. As Sherry writhed under us and pushed her silk covered cunt against Cindy's face, Cindy ran her hands under sherry's skirt up the inside of her thighs. When Cindy's hands got to the top of sherry's thighs and she realized that she wasn't wearing any panties, she removed her head from between her legs long enough to push the skirt out of the way and say, "Oh, God! You aren't wearing any panties, you're the one who should be called Sinful."

Then she dove back in back and attacked Sherry's cunt with a frenzy that would soon have her cumming so hard her body shook. As Sherry started to cum, she pulled me up and we kissed deeply (partially to muffle her screams, I think) as she held my hand against her tit and squeezed my cock with her other hand. After cumming too many times to count sherry started to settle down as the third song was coming to an end. I stopped kissing her to allow her to catch her breath and Cindy also came up for air and ran her tongue over her lips then purred, "You taste sooooooo good." Then Cindy slid up sherry's body till their tits mashed together and kissed sherry long and deep. As they kissed, Cindy's hand joined Sherry's on my dick.

When Cindy came up for air she said, "After I kissed you in the bar tonight, I really didn't think I'd ever see you again. Your dance at the bar was so hot that I had been fantasizing about you since then. When I saw you sitting at the stage, I was pleasantly surprised. Then when Marco asked if he could buy a private dance for you, I almost fell off the stage."

"But you guys tell me the truth. You two set this all up, right?"

"I swear to God, I've never met Marco before."

"She's right sherry. The surprise was to buy a private dance for you, but I was glad when the woman who kissed you in the bar walked out on the stage tonight. Then when you two went at in front of everybody, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I was definitely no longer nervous about whether or not you would like the surprise."

"And what a surprise it was for both of us. How did you like your dance sherry?"

"I really loved it. Having both of your mouths on my body at the same time was like nothing I have ever felt before and that feeling was incredible. I hate to admit it, but I think Marco has been right all these years."

"What has he been right about all these years?" asked Cindy.

"Well Marco has been bugging me for years to have a threesome with another woman and I never felt comfortable with the idea, but what we just did felt so good that I think I might have been mistaken all these years. When I was giving you head while you where on stage I was fantasizing about having Marco inside me and that aroused me so much that I came. In the bar earlier tonight and then when you were on stage, I went along with you because I knew it would turn on Marco and I really didn't think it would do anything for me. Turns out I was very turned on."

As we were talking the DJ announced another three for one private dance special and Cindy said, "Hey, did you hear that, another three for one special. From what I feel under my hand, I'd say Marco's up for it. How about you and I doing a dance together for Marco? From what I saw at the bar, you are a great dancer."

"Won't we get into trouble? Besides I don't know the first thing about this kind of dancing."

"Don't worry, the manager will just think you are a new girl and you know more than enough. This isn't rocket science. Come on the music is starting up, lets dance for Marco."

With that said, Cindy took sherry's hand and they stood up and started to dance. In no time at all Sherry was really getting into it. Cindy had her arms around Sherry's lower back and was rubbing her nude body against her. Then Cindy moved around behind sherry and started to rub her hands up and down sherry's thighs as Sherry ground her ass against her. Sherry started to unbutton her shirt as Cindy slipped her hand through the slit in Sherry's skirt and into her waiting pussy.sherry was now pushing her love box against Cindy's hand as Cindy brought her other up to Sherry's tit. Cindy removed her finger from Sherry and brought it up to Sherry's mouth and ran it around her lips, and then sherry started to suck on it, clearly enjoying her own love juices. As she sucked on Cindy's finger, Cindy whispered something to her, and then she removed her finger from Sherry's mouth and brought that hand to Sherry's other tit. Cindy slowly caressed Sherry's tits as sherry slipped her shirt out from under Cindy's hands and pushed her tits into Cindy's hands as she slid her shirt over her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Then Sherry put her hands over Cindy's hands and pressed to her tits and then her hands glided across her undulating stomach and down to the top of her skirt and she started to untie it, revealing her garter and stockings. At the same time Cindy slid her hands to just below Sherry's tits exposing two very erect nipples. Next Cindy undid Sherry's bra and let it drop to the floor. Then they turned into each other and embraced and kissed deeply as they ran their hands all over each other.

Next Cindy withdrew from the kiss and again whispered something in sherry's ear and started to kiss her way down Sherry's body. When she got to Sherry's tits, she spent some time kissing and caressing them. Then Cindy started to kiss her way on down Sherry's torso. When her tit was in line with Sherry's love box, Cindy started to rub her nipple between Sherry's wet, swollen pussy lips. Once Cindy's tit was covered with Sherry's love juices, Cindy sat down on the floor and licked Sherry's nectar off her tit as she finger fucked herself.

Sherry watched Cindy pleasure herself and started to play with her clit with one hand and tit with the other hand and gave me a very seductive look as she ran her tongue over her lips. Cindy was right; sherry was a natural at this. At this point, Cindy was getting so worked up that she lay back on the floor and started to writhe in ecstasy. As Cindy writhed around on the floor, Sherry walked around, straddled Cindy and started to lower her pussy to Cindy's face. In no time at all they were in a sixty none position and feasting on each other's inflamed pussies and shaking as waves of orgasm washed over them. As I watched them go at it, I couldn't help but fantasize about my rock hard cock plunging in and out of Sherry as Cindy licked it and my balls, and I watched Sherry feast on Cindy.

Next Sherry rolled off Cindy and they where both crawling on their hands and knees across the floor toward me, their faces covered with each other's love juices. When they got to me, they each started to crawl up my legs, caressing my body as they made their way up to my face. Cindy got to my throbbing cock first and rubbed her face all over it as she caressed her way up the inside of my thighs, working her way up to my balls. Next she started to rub one of her tits up and down my cock as she played with my balls with one hand and started to unbutton my shirt with the other. By this time Sherry had made it up to my cock and she started to nibble on the tip of my cock through my pants and flick her tongue on Cindy's nipple. Cindy had unbuttoned my shirt enough to have access to my nipples and they were both sucking and nibbling on them as they caressed my cock.

Soon they made their way up to my face, caressing my bare chest with their tits on the way up. When they got to my face they both rubbed my face with their tits as I caressed their tits. Then Cindy stuck one of her tits in my mouth and I sucked and caressed it. Shery not wanting to be left out pushed Cindy's tit out of the way and stuck hers in my mouth. Cindy started to push back and before things got out of hand, I took things in hand so speak, and pressed both of their tits together and sucked on both at once. This seemed to do the trick and now they were kissing as I sucked on their tits and they were still caressing my cock and humping my thighs.

All this was definitely having an affect on me; I don't think my dick had ever been harder than it was now. The girls also noticed the very aroused state of my cock and couldn't get to it fast enough. They were now both between my legs and giving my cock lots of attention and soon Cindy was undoing my zipper. As my zipper opened my cock sprung out, stood at attention and awaited attention, it didn't have to wait long. Both Sherry and Cindy started to run their tongues up and down the shaft of my cock as they moved out from between my legs and slid my pants off. Now they were kissing each other as they sucked on the tip of my dick and pumped the shaft with their hands. Pretty soon, sherry couldn't take it any longer and had to have me inside her. She straddled me with her back to me and started to tease me by sliding her pussy over just the tip of my cock. As Sherry teased me, Cindy started to suck on my balls and stroke the shaft of my cock with her hand, soon Sherry was done teasing me and into some serious fucking and as she rode up and down my cock, Cindy sucked on Sherry's clit and my sliding cock.

The combination of sherry fucking me like a woman possessed and Cindys hot mouth on us as we fucked soon put Sherry and me over the edge, we both came at the same time and our orgasm was like a high voltage explosion that sent waves of electricity through our bodies. As our orgasms subsided, Sherry fell back on my chest and my cock slipped out of her with a rather loud popping sound and Cindy went to work on my cock, licking off our combined love juices. Cindy finished cleaning me off about the time Sherry started to catch her breath and Cindy went to work sucking our love juices out of Sherry's pussy as she stroked my saliva covered cock.

Between watching Cindy give Sherry head and Cindy's attention to my cock, it was getting very hard again. Cindy's attention to Sherry's pussy wasn't going to waste either; soon multiple orgasms were rippling through Sherry's body and building to another powerful one. That one pretty much did Sherry in and she slid off me and cuddled up next to me on the couch. Cindy apparently felt that my hard cock shouldn't go to waste, so she climbed up on my lap and her hot wet pussy engulfed my throbbing but tired cock. She apparently knew what turned me on, so she started to play with and suck on her tits as she fucked me. As Sherry started to catch her breath for a second time she started to look at Cindy and lick her lips. Cindy responded by leaning down to us and pulling Sherry and my heads to her erect nipples as she played with Sherry's tits. This seemed to revive Sherry and next she was sucking on Cindy's clit and my sliding shaft, like Cindy had done earlier to her. That seemed to do it for Cindy and it became quite obvious that she was having an intense orgasm. The site of her having such an intense orgasm soon sent me over the edge and as I started to cum, Cindy got off me and she and Sherry lapped up my cum like a couple of starving kittens. Once they were sated, they got up on the couch and cuddled up (one on each side of me, lucky me) with me for one more song. As the song came to and end we all got dressed and did a big group hug and kiss and said good night, but not before we made plans to all go out on a night when she wasn't working.