19 Jan 2019

Well it’s the morning after and a late night . So I write this now in the past tense to conclude my story posted earlier suffice to say I was able to post some pics, but not of the actual event as those await a conclusion which will surely be the subject of a different story and will require all the happy participants to approve before I post them. So to the story. And names have been changed to protect the innocent.

We meet in the guest lounge. It’s a very old building and the guest lounge is on the first floor and adjoins the guest bedrooms. My guests were in the room, door ajar, but not open. I make myself a drink at the guest bar counter and insert a hot video, just in case.

I await there arrival. There is a relaxed atmosphere as I mix them a drink. When they arrive she is wearing a lovely see through dress and has no bra. Her skirt is short but covers her pussy. I admire her and am sure to compliment her she looks good enough to eat. She loves my dress and compliments me too. We share a drink and I offer to massage her feet later .It’s been a long day on the bike and the saddle and she readily agrees , with the comment. “I was hoping you would help Martin to massage me”.

We move to there room . Guest houses all similar but this bed is more than complete. I ask her to remove her dress and lie on the bed as I cover her with a towel. I straddle her back and begin a slow sensual back massage as the towel disappears. Using my fingers to press her stressed muscle and relieve her neck from the bike ride. I sit astride her bum and our asses are joined. The push against me brings my cock to life and I grow harder still when she arches her back .

Moving down her body I focus on her thighs and her calves and then finally a hot foot rub before a gentle kissing of the back of her neck. I trace my fingers down her spine and then up her inner thighs. Soft and slow touches to tease and pleasure her. She moves her bum and I take the hint and massage her ass cheeks two hands on each as Martin joins the fun.

He has been watching all this time. No need to say anything we know what we desire. He has removed his boxers and now stands naked besides us to help with her ass massage. She is moaning lightly and my fingers slip between her cheeks to stroke her tight rosebud. I feel her tense and then her relax. My fingers trace down to find her wet and moist pussy soft in all the right places and my finger slips inside her with little resistance. She is wet and horny and pushes back for more.

I massage her pussy from back to front. Touching her bum each time and moving slowly to her clit my fingers glide through her pussy lips. Then I enter her Pussy with my fingers first one then two and three and clench my fist to touch her deep on her g spot. She comes quickly and immediately and wants more so the massage continues.

He is now stroking her breasts as she raises to her knees and gives me full access to her sexy pussy hole. Her tits sway each time I push my fingers inside her and he has moved under her tits to suck her nipples . He has a very good Hardon too and is clearly enjoying her pleasure. She comes for the second time louder and longer and a wet stream covers my hand.

I want to taste her cum and now I move to eat her pussy and bum. Licking and sucking her . Her lips are stretched as my mouth kisses her and tastes her sex. She tastes sweet like lemon and spice. Hot and cold and oh so wet. I love it and we continue for some while until she comes again. She is moaning in pleasure and arches her back. Her bum is open and her pussy exposed for my pleasure. The site is beautiful and I can’t wait to taste her.

He has described her as a shy nymph in early emails well now I got the message. So we change places she takes his cock into her mouth and I raise up to fuck her from behind. She pushes back urgent. And will not wait another minute. I enter her and push past the last resistance of her pussy lips and enter her soft wet cunt. She is groaning and I am right there with her. She looks back at me while holding his cock and squeezing him tight. Her lips are open and her tongue licks her sweet lips. Her eyes are wide and glazed in pleasure as she asks for more. I just smile and push my cock deeper. Finally there is only the cock ring and I am fully up her. We start to move with slow deep strokes till I feel her tense and moan with desire and speed up to match her coming orgasm. She comes again and is louder still as she takes sharp breaths and then bites her lip while she emits a long moan of animal pleasure.

We return to the lounge and rest on the couch to recover and have a drink. She is slowly stroking her Pussy while he know goes between her legs and licks and sucks her hole.I know the taste of cum but he is a relative novice although he had said he had tasted his own,but never another’s. I allow her to take my cock into her mouth her tongue is doing magic to my swollen head and she squeezes my balls to keep me hard while he is sucking furiously at her pussy and her wetness covers his face.I watch him and stroke her tits and squeeze her hard nipples as she keeps sucking my cock. She tries to deep throat and gags as I touch her throat and then her head is bobbing up and down on my cock. Finally he also enters her and they fuck for a good while the wet sounds of sex and his cock and balls slap her bum before he too comes in her and she cums for the umpteenth time with my cock in her mouth. I feel my cock reach complete sensitivity and hold her face in my hands. He keeps his cock in her pussy pumping his semen deep inside her hole. I tense and issue a warning. I am close and she just sucks harder till finally I cum in her mouth while I pull back and again cum on her lips and tongue. She eats each drop licking her lips and then sucks me back into her mouth to suck the last drops from me with a big smile on her face as we all collapse in a heap with laughter and delight.

Finally she is satisfied and we part ways for the rest of the evening I will leave them to digest the evening, but am always available if they call. So it’sa quick kiss good night until next time she needs to have a playdate . To be cont....