29 Aug 2016

Dinner finished and all the awkward introductions out of the way we retire with our hosts to there entertainment room. Well that's how he described it earlier. " Don't worry , we can have some fun later in our entertainment room" Well we had arrived , at the entertainment room, not sure what we expected but, it was , very relaxed , , large flat screen TV , and many cushions, a fire burning and a row of shooters on the bar. We all enjoyed the shooters and the unforgettable sounds coming from the TV, of a xxx movie. Hot , nice bodies and perfect cocks, Always that way on TV, but I was more interested in the so called surprise that ms was going to show us. We settled back on the couch and waited.

When she came into the room I was shocked did not recognize this gorgeous woman from earlier, and she had on the cutest little outfit with her ass hanging out and tits on full display, and was carrying another round of shooters, in one hand and a rather large dildo in the other. Choose she said , for every shooter you drink you can insert this dildo into one of my holes, laughing in delight. I knew I was being set up this was going to be fun , I would get to dildo fuck her while getting drunk , while my missus got fucked by him sort of a quid pro quo. You fuck mine and I will fuck yours. Well in this case anyway.

As the evening progressed the games got more and more raunchy, from licking shooters of there tits, and his cock to finding the ice cube, in some strange places, and with hot porn on the TV and lots of touching fingering and licking going on. Eventually long after midnight we called it a night, nobody had got fucked but we had a lot of fun, They told us how they enjoyed teasing and having fun and would often hold parties for swinging couples, and we should attend,. I just wanted my bed and to finally slip my cock into my missus to end the evening, and so that's what we did, falling asleep my cock buried deep in her pussy while we spooned, too much alcohol, and excitement for one night and so we slept.....