26 Aug 2016

.cont.... as the lights faded behind us I breathed a sigh of release, her breathing was still heavy and we both burst out laughing at the same time , that had been a close call.

I slowly remove my hand from her pussy, and have to clench my fist to get some circulation back, and she is scarmbling for tissues to clean up the mess, while adjusting her panties and pulling down her skirt which has ridden up above the waist in our finger fucking. My cock is still hard and not yet satsified, I suggest we have a quickie before we go but she wants to check out the guest house so we stop for awhile to make ourselves look presentable. A quick look in the mirrow and a wet wipe and I am ready to go, it takes her a little longer as usual. I am still throbbing but my hardon is now firmly back in my jeans.

As I ring the bell, our eyes meet, I can see the lust in her eyes and know she is still fucking horny, My cock throbs in anticipation and the door opens. "Welcome" she says ,"you are our guests please come in and make yourselves at home".

The husband arrives , same guy who stopped on the side of the road, he laughs and says, "well I see you found the right place for the night". Its relaxed and a comfortable place. A large fire in the room warms us up and we all gravitate towards the fire. "So no luck with the repair vehicle" , he asks. I nod as I have forgotten the blow out already , still thinking of her wet and soaking cunt, which I want to fuck." Come on then" , lets show you to your room , he says.

We retire to a very nice and comfortable bedroom with his words ringing in our ears. "Dont be late for dinner" he says, or my wife will not give you her surprise. Surprise what surprise, but I am more interested in trying out the new bed and we both fall on the bed, laughing from this strange night and turn of events. My cock is still hard and uncomfortable in my jeans , so I remove my pants, and show her the damage. See what you have done and without satisfaction I will never be able to last through dinner. "Come here" she says and takes my cock into her mouth and sucks the head. Oh shit that feels good "please dont stop" I tell her. She sucks and sucks, and then. A knock on the door. "Sorry to disturb" I hear, but have brought your towels may I come in. And before I now it the door opens and his wife is standing in the doorway, towels in one hand and eyes staring strainght at my erect cock my missus on her knees holiding my cock. I jump back grabbing for the towels, only to miss the towels and end up on my ass on the floor. My cock pointing straight up at her , with absolutely no shame, I feel my face burning with embarresment and stammer an apology and a feeble excuse, about having been away. She laughs and says , "Dont worry we have seen it all before owning a guesthouse, and what couples get up to,just remember to lock your door in future" she says and disappears from the doorway. Oh shit now we have to face them at dinner time, what a fuck up.

Later that evening we enjoy a farmhouse meal and some really excellent redwine and start to relax and enjoy the new surroundings. She is very talkitive and takes an instant liking to my wife and they head off to discuss god knows what leaving the men alone. After an awkward silence he says. " I could not help noticing you guys were looking a little flushed earlier. Anyting we can do to help". I laugh and immediately want to deflect the subject , but then I remember the look in her eyes and say instead. " Well maybe you can , are you and the wife up for it" He laughs and says, " The missus loves to suck pussy and if we play our cards right we can all get fucked tonight, but lets see what happens when the woman return, as its always there call. I agree knowing full well that my wife cannot wait to suck pussy either but I am not going to tell him that, just yet anyway, after all we just met a few hours ago. He laughs again and says " Well the wife says you have a big cock , so that half the battle won" and I cringe in embarresement, but at the same time I can feel a strong stir in my cock and now I am even hornier than ever. What will this night hold, its getting better all the time , to be cont....