25 Aug 2016

My fingers are clenched tight by her pussy , I know she is coming but this is madness, her juice flows freely, and I know my car seat will be soaked, when she is done. I keep rotating my fingers , her pussy lips are stretched open by my hand while my thumb plays a tune on her clit, , The music is still playing, an old song , " Driving through the long night". I keep up the pressure, on her clit , not letting her come down from her amazing high. She clenches once more and I know she is going too pee, there is just no going back. My cock is still throbbing the head sticking through my jeans , and dieing for attention, but she cant reach and I have a hold on her cunt which will not let go, she cums again, moaning in delight and her pee flows, hot wet , and all over my fucking seat. I dont let go , the pee slows , and then she starts to dribble again , and with each new orgasm she squirts some more,

The car slows and comes to a stop, I turn to face the drive , my hand still firmly buried in her pussy. You folks ok he asks? This is a very quiet area you are not going to get any cars passing by. Dont I know it , it was exactly why we had taken this route to start with. I hear her moaning, and I know he cant see her , or what we are doing , but maybe I am wrong. He laughs and says well. If you need some help for the night, our guest house is only 400metres down the raod, Ring the bell we are up all night, and he laughs. I think he may see her blushing and my face is feeling rather hot, but I still cant move my hand from her pussy. I know she will want more and any sudden movement is likely to make her gasp. I thank him and say we may well take you up on your offer as its not likely we will get any service out here tonight. Well if you need an extra hand we are happy to oblige, We can always do with the company, he says...... I feel her pussy clench again , Did she hear that and want some more hands up her pussy, I agreed and thanked him and we exchanged numbers told him we would see them in awhile, and he drove away.

I turned to look at her. Her faced is flushed and I can see sweat on her brow. I know her pussy is wet because she is sitting in a puddle of pee. My hand isstill between her legs , my fingers hooked in her pussy. I look into her eyes. She says go for it, Call him. You never know what may happen on a dark road late at night....... to be cont.