18 Jan 2019


We take a shower they had finished there drinks and retired to the room. I carefully wash and shave. It’s been awhile so need to be cleansed and shaved the night is young so time to prepare .

The introduction has gone well. She is very sexy and we had got along well. After the initial meeting we can now take stock. The photos had not lied. She is very sexy and friendly so the shyness has gone. We arranged to meet in an hour or so . As I washed and shaved my mind is racing . What should we do and how . I think we just let nature take it s course. I feel that familiar itch as my cock grows just a bit. There is more to come. After my shower I dress with care. Mmmmm

Now what to wear tonight. I choose a black g string. Think I stole it from ex my wife. A black tight leather dress with a halter top and that’s enough for now.

I wonder what they will think. From the talkative guy at the bar today and now this xdress mini skirt and transexual. Slut. Wow what a transformation. So here is how it goes.

I had read my script . Gentle on her tits and tease and kiss no biting or rough play. I was now a woman after all and gently is my way. He Loves her Pussy being licked and gently play with her clit. So sensitive and moist. I love to suck her lips and lick her bum he had said ?. Use my fingers to find her juices and massage her pussy. She will cum over and over and squirt if you do it right and as I want to taste her juice I should take my time when kissing and sucking her pussy. "She loves to be Sucked and play with Her long pussy lips but gentle on her Clit" He said.

But now I am getting carried away. My imagination has run wild all day but now they are here and as I prepare my mind runs wild.

Finally I am ready and I head for the door it’s time to get this party started and I am looking forward to so much more. He had promised to put me in the middle of a sexy threesome and I want it all. Tonight we will try fulfill our fantasies.

To be continued......