25 Aug 2016

We were driving home, its a dark night and there is no moon, the music is playing on the radio, its an old song, full of memories and cliches. I hear a bang and and pull over to the side of the road, She asks me whats wrong , and I tell her we have a flat. Looking at the wheel I realise its not repairable and we will need help, so we call a freind, He says he will come over and we can spend the night at there place while repairs are being made, so we wait for his arrival.

Its dark outside , nothing moves and only the sound of the crickets, waiting has been making me horny and I touch myself to feel my growing erection. I reach across and place my hand on her thigh moving up towards her pussy. Her legs open and her breath catches as I touch her wet panties, she has been steadily leaking since we last spoke, and I had told her I wanted her to swing with me and enjoy other couples as well. I touch her pussy and rub her clit through the soft underwear. She squirms on the seat and opens her legs to give me easy access to her soaking pussy. My hand speeds up rubbing furiously until she starts to cum. A slow gush at first and then she really lets go with all her juices flowing. As she starts cuming we see lights approaching, I know I must finish or we will be caught red handed, but I cannot stop , she wants more and holds my hand tight to her by now soaking cunt. My fingers are bent inside her stroaking her with one then two and three fingers inside her, as she sits down hard on my hand to get maximum benefit, and the car stops in front of us , we sit frozen my hand in her cunt and my cock throbbing outside my jeans, oh fuck we have been caught........

to be cont.