Written by bornready4fun

07 Feb 2014


Finally after a two months absence from parties we decided to try hosting another one so we started organising one at our house. After the last failure I was very apprehensive to host again so decided to advertise and see what happens. Luckily we know our close friends will always show up so we invited more new people. Slowly but surely the date crept closer and suddenly it was time to send out the address details. Well 16 people accepted on site and another 4 off site so it seemed to be a nice big crowd.

Saturday arrived and we got everything ready for a nice braai kuier and then play off course. By seven o clock only one new guy have arrived and two regulars……….. What a disappointment. Nevertheless we started the fire and hoped for the best at the end another couple and 2 singles pitch up totalling us at 9.

While the fire was still busy Johan and Carol went inside to play so after a while I decided to join them because it just sounded so amazing. After he played with her kissing and fondling I started sucking him and wow what a fabulous taste. Wow this man can really get hard so believer me I sucked like crazy and then he stopped me and said its time …………. Mmmmmmmm what an amazing feeling to have a man that fills me up completely. I just love it when a man knows when to really fuck me hard and proper and that’s something he really knows how to do. After some time we decided to take a smoke break and join the other people to greet who joined in the meantime.

After a nice smoke break and a few drinks Dee was still busy braaing the meat so four of us went inside to play again. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this time Dee watched while Haelje was busy eating me out. Nothing on earth makes me so wild and horny, as when I know my man is watching and enjoying the scene and of course a man that knows how to eat this pussy out. The way he circles my clit with his tongue while slowly inserting two fingers into my wet pussy. I loveeeeeee it when he start sucking harder and harder while he finger fuck me fast and hard making me moan and groan louder and louder. Within minutes he had me crawling and begging to cumm …………….fuck I cant hold it any longer and with a mighty roar I feel how a deep intense orgasm breaks over me……………….. The amazing thing is that he knows to continue resulting in me Cumming over and over and I can feel how a big squirt is building up. He loves to take me over that edge and always make sure that I get all the orgasms I need. Oooooooooo fuck its soooooo amazing.

I called Dee over so that I can give him a bj while haelje is still busy with me. My man always taste so delicious so once I start sucking him I just doesn’t want to stop. I can feel how has growing inside my mouth while I softly played with his balls. Haelje decided its time to put his kierie where it’s hot and soft. Dee steady himself above my head holding my legs up while Haelje is fucking me hard and deep… this is for me the most intense feeling and makes me so horny that once I start Cumming I just never wants to stop. After a while Dee takes over and thrush his hard throbbing cock slowly deep inside me and starts banging me hard deep and fast making me cumm over and over. Just in time he decided to stop to save some for later. We joined everyone outside and finish the braai and had a delicious meal in great company.

When everyone was fed and happy we decided to go inside to really play. Liz, Rodney and Johan started playing on the one bed while Haelje and Carol on the other bed and me, Dee and Lars on the other bed. The new guy was asked to join Carol and luckily he decided he will try

This is one of the most important things in the lifestyle is to when you are at a party for the first time to decided if you want to participate and go with it…. Afterall we all had to start somewhere.

The most arousing sounds for me are when people are having sex around me. The smell of lust…….. horny ……..orgasming people just drives me insane and makes me want to play more and more so it didn’t take long before me Johan and Dee started again while one sucks on my nipples the other one was fucking me real hard and intense. Yes I know not all woman likes it rough but I just lovvvvvvvveeeee it and prefers it this way. Soft and gentle for me is more lovemaking when we are alone but on a party the hard core just does it so much better.

Finally it was time for me and Dee to have an amazing session of juices flowing and groans and moans. No one can ever really satisfy you the same way as your partner cause he knows you the best…………………… feeling like a horny bitch while everything just gets wetter and wetter, it’s a feeling out of this world and definitely the most satisfying and rewarding.

Think this story is way too long but feels I'm a bit rusted for not writing so long.

Will soon try again…………. Happy fucking till next time