Written by garfield_kzn

07 May 2015

being in kzn has advantages...if you know how to behave...well uhumm...at times misbehave

I went to meet a couple I met on site . the cosy pub was quite alive with Friday folk . the tall young blond had all the men's attention . but I gave attention to the lady of the Cpl . she was quite nervous and still new . he has been in swinging for long . the hubby was quite loud and the manageress came to chat to us . they have been there before and knew her well . she is about 44 with a good bod and neat tits . he told her they are in a naughty mood . she joked ..oh are u swingers . we laughed ..but she winked at me . after a few drinks they invited me to their holiday flat . as we left the manageress bumped against me and whispered ...I must go tell her all what happened ....and free drinks if I returned ...that is another part of my encounter .

at the flat he started dinner and I sat with her in the lounge . slowly I massaged her tight shoulder muscles . her top came off and I could slip a hand over her boobs . that got her oohing a bit . I suggested the bedroom as its better to massage on .

my plan worked . she had no problem with me removing her skirt and continuing my massage .

my hand went slowly between her legs and touched her clit . Jackpot !! she moaned . I carried on with one hand on her back and other slowly rubbing her pussy over her panty .

he popped in often to cum perv . he e is a voyeur and likes to see her pleased by other guys . well im good at that . by now she rolled over and removed her panty . yummm for 45 her pussy was nice tight and very wett . my tongue slipped in and out . she spread her pussy lips open for me . she wanted ittt . I sucked on her clit . well she hit the roof . never did a lady cumm so quick when I sucked her clit .

next was a finger in . she started to grind her pussy to get my finger deeper in . I just went hard at fingering her sopping wet pussy .

by now my cock was throbbing and wanted to be in that pussy . easy I slipped in her . she started bucking her hips to get me in deeper . we got lost in lust . we fucked like horny teenagers .

I cant say how many times she came . I shot my load with a bang .

it was sweaty hot in the room . he brought me another drink .

I lay with my head at her pussy . we chatted and fooled around . my o my ...she was still horny as hell . I turned my head and started to suck her clit again .

her pussy engine started to purr again . he came to watch her cum and cum . I lay on my back while she suck my semi hard cock back to life again . he rubbed his cock between her bum cheeks . she climbed on my ready cock and did me cowboy ride .

he big boobs bobbed up and down as we fucked . I lost all resistance and came deep in her soppy wet cunt .

we rested for a while when he came to call us for dinner .

a nice curry was served . he invited me for another fuck session on the thick carpet with them in a 3sm , but I excused myself as I had another 3okm to travel at night .

we parted in smiles and they promised to invite me again when they here again on holiday .

so ..I went slowly home....well...eventually....oops ...forgot to say....after I returned to the pub .....and followed a certain red head manageress to the pub office after she closed up....

my natal banana had a great time ....who is visiting next to kzn..???