Written by Slowvelder

06 Nov 2016

Once I had introduced my wife to fucking outside our marriage with a good friend of mine she couldn't stop. During a night of enjoying adult beverages with my wife and one of my best friends, he and I got onto the subject of sex. It was summer time and my wife was wearing a white cotton tank top ( bra less ) and her shortest pair of cut-off jean shorts. At five foot four and 65kg's, with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes, her 34B tits are topped with nipples that seem to be permanently hard. One time after she had crossed the room headed into the kitchen my buddy looked at me and said "you lucky bastard". I smiled and said "you should she her naked". He said "I'd love to". So when she returned with another round of cold drinks I said "sweetheart, why don't you take off your tank top and let Mike and me see your tanned tits." It was half a joke and half the alcohol talking.

She put her drink down and in one quick motion pulled the thin cotton top off and tossed it at me. Then acting perfectly normal she sat down and picked up her drink and took a sip. She looked at me then at Mike and said "this is much cooler, I need to go topless more often." Mike said "you have no tan lines." She said "yes I do, just not on my tits, I lay out topless sunbathing". He said "can I see your tan line?" She jumped up and unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down, under them she was wearing a white thong. She turned her back to him so he could see the beautiful tan line crossing half way of her ass cheeks. "Impressive" he said, "you have a beautiful body, it's a shame you ever cover it up with clothes." She kicked her shorts to the side and sat down wearing only her thong. She crossed her legs and leaned back in her chair. Looking extremely confident she said "being almost naked in front of you two men is making my pussy wet." I could have ended this at this point but didn't want to.

It was surprisingly comfortable having my sexy little wife sitting around with me and my best friend, almost naked. Then on the next trip into the kitchen for another round, when she returned she had taken the thong off. Mike and I both stared at her shaved pussy. She said "I was almost naked anyway so why not". I said "no, it's OK with me, are you OK with it Mike?" He was in a trance, "MIKE" , I said loudly, "are you OK with her being naked in front of us?" Mike nodded his head yes without speaking. She sat down and crossed her legs. After a few sips she said "OK it isn't fair that I'm the only one naked. You guys get those cocks out."

I stood and dropped my shorts, then pulled my underwear off. My small dick was semi hard and popped up at an angle. I kicked my clothes to the side and sat down. I was proud of my little guy, well that is until Mike did the same thing. When he pulled his underwear down, an eight inch cock stood out from his body almost hard. He quickly sat down too. "Oh no", my wife said, "I see a cock that I want to suck." I started to stand up when my wife said "sit down shorty, I want Mike's meat in my mouth. Stand up and come here'" she ordered him. He looked over to me and I nodded her way. He killed his drink and stood up, as he walked across the room his cock waved back and forth like a blind man's cane.

My wife uncrossed her legs and scooted to the edge of her seat. She motioned him to come closer, then she reached for his cock. She bounced it in her hand, feeling its weight. Then using it as a leash, she pulled him close enough to get her mouth on it. Once she had the head of his cock in her mouth she put her hands on his ass cheeks to hold him while she gave him a whore-like blow job. He didn't know what to do with his hands so he put them behind his head. I said "Mike, she likes her nipples pinched." So he reached for her nipples, she took her hands off his ass and arched her back so he could get her hard nipples between his fingers. He pulled them and began squeezing, and she moaned on his cock. He got more aggressive with his treatment of her tits. Soon he was almost yanking on her nipples. She was loving the rough treatment of her little brown nips.

Then she put her hands on his hips and pushed him back away from her. I asked "what's wrong, sweetheart?" She said "I want this hunk of meat in my pussy." She stood and told Mike to iet down. Then she crawled into his lap. With her right hand she began rubbing his cock head between her pussy lips. I know she had never taken anything this thick in her before and was worried it wouldn't fit. She found the entrance to her vagina and started pushing down on him. It took a short moment before the head disappeared between her pussy lips, as she rocked up and down slowly after each stroke I could see less and less of his shaft. It took a full minute before she was sitting completely down with him in her to his balls. Her legs tried closing against his. She leaned forward and put a nipple in his mouth. When she did I could see how tightly her pussy was holding his veiny cock. She just sat there with his dick buried in her for a long time.

Then she slowly raised up off him, stopping with only the head in her. Then she slammed herself down hard onto him. She let out a grunt when he hit bottom. His hands came up to hold her hips as he slowly began fucking her. After a couple of minutes she was loose enough, and he was beating her pussy like he was trying to get his whole body in her. Then he stood up with her still on his cock, he turned her around and put her ass on the couch. Her legs sticking out straight on either side of his body, he fucked her like a mad man. I was impressed at his lasting power. He was fucking my wife's sexy little body for the very first time and still managed to last over a half hour. He told her he was about to cum and she locked her heels on his ass cheeks to hold him inside her as his nuts emptied their contents into her unprotected cunt. Her legs eventually fell to the floor. She was completely limp, he pulled his cock out of her and on wobbly legs he stepped back. "God damn" he said, then he stumbled back to his seat and plopped down. I looked back to my poor wife. She was still laying there with her legs wide open, her pussy lips were leaking his cum from between them. I don't know why I did this but I stood up and walked over to her motionless body. My own dick sticking out its full four inches but instead of taking sloppy seconds I dropped to my knees and started licking her nasty cunt. Everything was so slick. Her lips where swollen and so was her clit. I sucked her clit into my mouth and began sucking it like a tiny cock. After a minute of my clit head, her hands took a hold of my hair and pulled my face so tightly into her slit that I couldn't breathe. I had to turn my head sideways to take a breath. After I had cleaned her I pushed my own penis in her. She never acknowledged me being inside her. I fucked her without her giving as much as a moan. After I shot my load in her I stood up and went back to my seat. My wife sat up and tried to regain some dignity, she crossed her legs and straightened her messed up hair. "Well damn" she said, "wasn't that exciting?" "Are you OK?" I asked her. She looked at me and said "I'm just fine", then she said "my pussy has a heartbeat in it." "Is it throbbing" I said? "Yes" she laughed, "it has never been fucked like that. And I want more of Mike's cock." I said "it's late and I'm tired. I'm going to bed. If you guys want to stay up and fuck you have my blessings." I crawled into the bed and crashed.

The next morning I woke with the sun in my eyes, I rolled over facing my wife's side of the bed. There she was, already awake and facing me. I kissed her lips and stared into her eyes, her lips parted and she whispered "he is fucking me," then I felt the bed very slowly moving. I looked into her eyes as Mike worked his cock in and out of my wife's wet hole. I could see pure lust in her eyes. Then she closed them, Mike was coming in her. After a minute I could feel him easing out of the bed. I closed my eyes to pretend to be asleep. After I was sure he had left I opened my eyes to see my wife was all smiles. She rolled over facing away from me and scooted her ass closer to me. My own pecker was hard so I slid it into her wet loosened pussy. She wiggled her ass and said "I can't even feel your little pee pee." I reached around her and grabbed her nipple. As I sucked her neck and pinched her nipple I did my best to fuck her hard but she was way too loose and wet. I couldn't come, and when I told her that, she began telling me how Mike's cock had hurt her pussy last night and how they had fucked all night. She said "he is coming over Monday while you will be at work, and I'm going to fuck him outside by the pool." Hearing her talk like that pushed me over the edge and I started squirting my seed in her. After I had come we lay there until my cock went soft and pulled itself out of her. I got up and let her sleep.

It was after five that evening before she came scooting down the hall wearing only a tank top. It didn't cover her pussy and she told me it needed so air and rest. I fixed her something to eat and then she took a hot shower. When she came out she and I relaxed and watched TV. Monday before I left for work I kissed her and said have a nice day honey. She rubbed my crotch and said I'll have you a special treat tonight when you get home.

I cut out of work and headed home, it seemed like this day lasted forever. I had her on my mind all day. When I came in the house she wasn't in there. So I looked out to the pool. There she was I saw her lounge chair facing the pool. I eased out there to surprise her. She was laying there with only her bikini bottom on. I leaned down and kissed her nipple. Her eyes popped open. Oh yeah it's you she teased. I asked if she had a nice day? She played it cool and sat up, she turned her legs to the side and stood up. She bent over and picked up her towel then she asked if I was hungry. I felt sad, did she not fuck today? I just couldn't bring myself to come out and ask. Yeah I guess I'm hungry I said sadly. Well come on inside she said. I walked behind her watching her tanned ass cheeks bounce. Once in the kitchen she took her towel to the laundry room and tossed it in the washer and then she motioned me me to follow her. She walked to our room and turned to face me. Looking me dead in the eyes she hooked the bikini bottom with her thumbs and lowered it. Then kicking it to the side she said Mike left you a creampie to enjoy. I pushed her back onto the bed and when she feel she spread her legs wide. I dove my face into her pussy. She grabbed my hair and as she began explaining how Mike had spent the last six hours fucking her raw I sucked her pussy juice from her slit. This was only the beginning.